June 20, 2012

Ergon Energy has extended its popular “Save a Bomb” pool program to help more customers save money on their pool running costs.

The program offers financial incentives to customers with pools who connect their pool pump to the cheaper Tariff 33 via a standard socket outlet or purchase a five-star or better energy-efficient pool pump system.

Originally due to end on June 30 this year, Ergon Energy has decided to continue the program to June 30, 2013.

However the cashback offers have been altered, with up to $250 cashback for customers to connect their pump to a Tariff 33 outlet (was $350) or $150 cashback towards the purchase of an eligible energy efficient pump from July 1.

Pool owners who connect to Tariff 33 can save up to $250 a year on their electricity costs, or up to $300 by connecting to an energy efficient pool pump.

“We’ve had an incredible response to the program so far and we are delighted to extend the program so even more pool owners can benefit,” General Manager Service Delivery Paul Jordon said.

“More than 6500 pool owners across regional Queensland have so far taken advantage of the program and cash back offers since launch in September 2011.”

The Save a Bomb pool program aims to reduce the pressure pool pumps place on Ergon Energy’s network during times of peak demand.

Peak demand – generally 4:00pm to 8:00pm daily – is a key driver of network infrastructure upgrades and associated increases in electricity prices.

So far, the program has helped to reduce peak demand across Ergon Energy’s network by more than three megawatts.

The Save a Bomb pool program was introduced to support changes introduced last year which allow pool filtration and sanitation equipment to be connected to Tariff 33 via a standard outlet, previously they had to be hard-wired.

For more information about the cash back offers visit the Ergon Energy website or telephone 13-10-46.

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