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Mayor’s Last Council Meeting

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Back row, Crs Barry Green, Kathy Duff, Debra Palmer, Cheryl Dalton and Damien Tessmann; front row, Deputy Mayor Keith Campbell, Mayor David Carter and CEO Ken McLoughlin

April 18, 2012

Retiring South Burnett Mayor David Carter is proud of what the Council has achieved over the past four years.

Speaking this afternoon after the close of the last council meeting before the Local Government elections, Cr Carter said he was leaving the South Burnett Regional Council financially in a very good place.

“One of my greatest achievements is that we are now financially viable which enables us to move forward quite successfully,” he said.

Cr Carter said he was now going to take a holiday before looking for opportunities for other ways to help the region.

He planned to continue his interests in health, especially Healthy Communities, and tourism.

Cr Carter said all the councillors – and himself – had done the best they possibly could for the benefit of the region.

Any regrets?  “No regrets at all.”


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One Response to Mayor’s Last Council Meeting

  1. Barry Krosch

    I’ve attended SBRC meetings ever since the new Council began, and gave the following Farewell Address (on behalf of the members of the public gallery) to the SBRC’s last meeting on Wednesday 18 April 2012:.

    Mr Mayor, Councillors, CEO, Directors and members of the public.

    I am going to read a statement this morning, because without it, I could very easily get side-tracked; so much has been happening over recent months. Please bear with me.

    Today we are witnessing a moment in history, and that fact has not escaped me. We are all part of that history because we are all here, for this, the last meeting of the first amalgamated council in the South Burnett.

    It’s been an interesting journey for the council, and also for me as a fascinated observer. I attended the last four years of the Kingaroy Shire Council meetings, and in 2008 was able to watch the transition to the SBRC. Some former members of the previous Kingaroy, Wondai and Nanango councils physically made that transition as well, and their previous town council experience was a great benefit.

    Now we are about to enter another era, a new and very uncertain era…. and at this time next year we will all know how it is working. There has been much in the local press about the achievements since amalgamation…. and there have been many.

    Of course there is always something in the media about alleged shortcomings. I often hear how “this should be done” and “that should be done” by council. If only these critics attended meetings or studied the controlling legislation, they would realise many of this things just cannot be done; in many cases their suggestions would completely contravene legislation or policy….and if it did not….the budget probably could not accommodate it.

    Mr Mayor and Councillors, I would now like to address you as a representative of the SBRC “groupies’; they who regularly sit in the public gallery.

    We would like to thank you for your contribution since amalgamation; we believe you have done your best. I am not perfect, far from it. None of you are perfect, far from it. However if you do the best you can, with the education and business background you have, that is all a reasonable person would ask. I recall some debate about the term “reasonable person” in this chamber about six months ago, so I hope everyone has privately researched the term; it is very important in law.

    But having said that, there are endless formal opportunities to increase knowledge, to better enable you to perform your role. I am terribly pleased to hear that one current councillor has already embarked on a program to increase knowledge of matters….financial. That councillor faces no opposition in the poll, so is a councillor next term. And the region will benefit from the councillor’s commitment.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, the “groupies” really appreciate being made welcome by Mayor David, and the current councillors. It’s only a small gesture, but it means a lot and after all, the morning tea is provided by us, it’s the ratepayers’ money. All members of the gallery were not always invited to morning tea, and one former mayor will never forget the day he refused to invite one member of the gallery.

    Mr Mayor….I guess it’s up to the new council whether they invite the public to join them? However I would urge them to continue with the tradition; it’s polite; and it provides all sorts of opportunities for informal dialogue. Always remember that the ratepayers are your employers, you need to try to keep the “boss” happy, and encouraging more members of the public to attend is a way of doing that.

    Mr CEO, thank you for the role you have played to date; you obviously have a greater challenge ahead of you. I do not wish to wet your pocket, but feedback from the community is often useful? I can say you are highly regarded by those within the community who have met you.

    Mr Mayor, thank you for your outstanding contribution to the SBRC, and to the wider community. You have given your all, you have done what you believed was necessary. You can stand tall.

    The SBRC “groupies” wish you a happy and rewarding life after Council.

    To any current councillors who might be leaving after 28 April, we thank you very much for your time and contribution.

    To the incoming Mayor and councillors, we thank you for making yourself available, and we sincerely trust we are here with you at your first meeting….having a tea or coffee with you.

    Thank you.