Google Map of Maidenwell

April 10, 2012

Last year’s floods – and road closures – caused a lot of South Burnett residents to turn to Google Maps to seek information.

But what do you do when authorities are also using Google Maps, and the map is wrong?

This was the situation one Maidenwell resident found herself in when seeking information about a road closure near her home.

She was repeatedly told that Kingaroy-Cooyar Road was open but the road in question that was closed was Nanango-Tarong Road. The fact that Nanango-Tarong Road does not pass through Maidenwell was beside the point.

Turning to Google Maps, she realised what the problem was. Google Maps showed Nanango-Tarong Road heading south past the T-intersection where it actually ends.

After double-checking with Council about the correct nomenclature of the road, she contacted Google Maps and reported the error.

A reply came back last week – almost 12 months after the error was reported.

The name has now been changed.

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