Volunteers Myolene Voller and Jeff Fawcett with Kumbia legend Brian Lenihan, centre, on Saturday night at the Kumbia Charity Campdraft

May 31, 2024

After being washed out earlier this year, the Kumbia Charity Centenary Campdraft finally went ahead last weekend in a big weekend for the club … and for another local legend, retired butcher Brian Lenihan.

Brian has been a strong supporter of the Kumbia campdraft over many years, scoring and generally helping out at the event.

He also recently retired as president of the Kumbia Race Club, which shares the sporting grounds with the campdraft and local golf club.

Campdraft organisers decided to recognise Brian’s contribution to the community over the years by naming the scorer’s stand in his honour.

A wooden sign, crafted by Andy Tunstall and unveiled on Saturday, now proclaims the “The Lenihan Stand”.

The three-day campdraft, sponsored by Seilers Transport, was originally scheduled to be held over the Easter weekend, but rain during the week before made that impossible.

The rescheduled draft attracted just over 700 entries, including 173 in the Open event (see results, below).

Many competitors camped at the grounds, and enjoyed the Centenary Celebration Dinner prepared and served up by Donna Ryan and a small team of volunteers on Saturday night.

On Friday night, Kumbia Cricket Club members manned a barbecue to ensure no one went home hungry.

Profits raised at the campdraft are distributed to local charities.

Kumbia Charity Campdraft president Malcolm Ryan at the Centenary Celebration dinner on Saturday night
At the Centenary dinner … Abbie Lord, Mitchell Muller and Murray Lord, from Dangore
Kerry Kelly and David Harch, from Wondai
Bradley and Monique Buttsworth, from Goodger, with Lily, 2
Laurie Beard and Susan Danastas, from Yarraman
Diners settle in for a meal in the Kumbia Race Club Hall on Saturday night
Gathering around the open fires near the bar area was also popular!

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Action Gallery by John Dalton Photography

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RES Australia Restricted Open Draft

1. Michael Dwan, ‘Elwanvale Felicity’, 172
2. Felicity Burton, ‘Elsola Rey’, 171
3. Lauren Winks, ‘Millie’, 170
4. Joel Hill, ‘Ferlings Stylish Diva’, 169
5. Malcolm Ryan, ‘Ryan’s Combat’, 113
6. Susan Danastas, ‘Roxy’, 110

Highest Cutout – Jack Breed, ‘CTK Cricket’, 23

Alex Logan Memorial Qube Heavy Lift Open Draft 

1. Joel Hill, ‘Lloyd’, 267
2. Christian Bjelke-Petersen, ‘Brooks’, 262
Equal 3. Jack Breed, ‘Cedargrove Ensign Alley’, 259
Equal 3. Janine Ploetz, ‘Lu’s Destiny’, 259
Equal 5. Paul Christiansen, ‘Special Effects’, 258
Equal 5. Tanya White, ‘Bellbrook Serendipity’, 258

Highest Cutout – Malcolm Ryan, ‘Bulla Lawlor’, 23

Dangore Mountain Grazing Maiden 4 Maiden

1. Kazz Hickey, ‘George’, 171
2. Coby Gartner, ‘Tonto’, 169
3. Christian Bjelke-Petersen, ‘Doc’, 168
4. Zoey Young, ‘Cool Runnings’, 167
5. Christian Bjelke-Petersen, ‘Brooks’, 163
6. Alexandra Hindle, ‘Pip’, 161

Stanwell Maiden Draft 

1. Joel Hill, ‘Donnell Park Fletch’, 177
2. Andrew Winks, ‘Woolerina Poetry’, 173
Equal 3. Coby Gartner, ‘Lara’, 170
Equal 3. Ian Schafferius, ‘Dandilla Vol-Tette’, 170
5. Sam Greenup, ‘Martini’, 168
6. Glenn Evans, ‘Credential’, 163
7. Trevor Tessmann, ‘Smart Little Reyn’, 162
8. Ben Knight, ‘Cut N Tags’, 158

Highest Cutout – Trent Sheppard, ‘Bellvue Dreams Spiner’, 23

Kingaroy Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning Juvenile Draft

1. Tommy Worboys, ‘Justice’, 88
Equal 2. Claire Davison, ‘Hip Hop Honey’, 84
Equal 2. Jayme Sommerfield, ‘Heavy Pepper’, 84
4. Claire Davison, ‘Roaney’, 80
5. Lara Mylett, ‘Ambervale Raylyn’, 77
6. Tommy Worboys, ‘Timmy’, 68

Highest Cutout – Tommy Worboys, ‘Justice’, 23

Frank & Shirley Tucker Memorial Westlink & Ryke Fuel Junior Draft

1. Georgie Hill, ‘Donnell Park Fletch’, 79
2. Harrison McDonald, ‘Lil’, 51
3. Nate Nichol, ‘Cinderella’, 36
4. Shari Wilkinson, ‘Minnie Girl’, 22
5. Maci Hickey, ‘George’, 15

Highest Cutout – Shari Wilkinson, ‘Minnie Girl’, 22

Shane Cullen Memorial Greenup Eidsvold Station Santa Gertrudis Stud Novice Draft

1. James Bargenquast, ‘Stockhaven Jackman’, 175
2. Simon Knight, ‘Warrenbri Blue Moon’, 173
Equal 3. Glenn Evans, ‘Credential’, 171
Equal 3. Tayla Sheppard, ‘Donrica Modena’, 171
5. Joel Hill, ‘Lambs Perception’, 170
Equal 6. Terry Hartman, ‘Chevin Harley’, 169
Equal 6. Bruce Myers, ‘Concorde’, 169
8. Blake Nichol, ‘Phoenix’. 168

Highest Cutout – Malcolm Ryan,  ‘Bulla Lawlor’, 23


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