June 29, 2022

Twenty COVID-related fatalities were reported by Queensland Health on Wednesday morning, taking the death toll for June alone to more than 170.

The latest figures include one death in the Darling Downs Health region, taking the total number of deaths in this health region to 49 since the pandemic began.

A total of 5366 new cases were reported across the State, taking the estimated number of active cases (reported to Qld Health) to 29,878.

There are 597 people being treated for COVID-19 in Queensland hospitals, including 11 in intensive care units.

There have now been 1238 COVID-related deaths in Queensland since the pandemic began.

When the borders re-opened on December 13 last year, the death toll was seven.

Queensland Health statistics show that officially there have been 1,287,412 COVID-19 cases in the State since January 2020; 79,545 of these have been First Nations residents.

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One Response to "Twenty COVID Deaths Reported"

  1. “the death toll for June alone to more than 170”

    If that had occurred back when the virus started it would have been headline news and people would have panicked. Now it hardly rates a mention in the media. I guess we have come to expect it and have “learnt to live with it”, as they say. Me? I’ll keep wearing a mask and carrying my own hand sanitizer. Haven’t had a cold or flu since 2019 and I feel it’s a small enough price to pay to keep bug free.

    I started wearing a mask before the government was even considering mandating such use. I received several laughs and jeers from people as I visited the supermarket etc. Luckily I didn’t give a hoot what people thought of my choice to wear a mask. One incident was while I was putting shopping bags in the back of my car. An elderly couple at an adjacent car noticed my mask and I heard the woman say COVID and they both quickly moved away from me. I guess they thought I was infected. It gave me a chuckle.

    Just realized that words like “hoot” and “chuckle” are not in common use nowadays. Makes me sound old.

    Cheers folks.

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