NaTDA president Sharon Johnson and vice-president Terry Mackrell … an NaTDA sub-committee is co-ordinating the 175th anniversary celebrations

June 16, 2022

The events calendar for Nanango’s 175th anniversary celebration in 2023 is growing quickly with new items added this month.

These include a Dedication Ceremony at the Goodes Inn monument and a video and audio exhibition, “Nanango’s Stories Past & Present”.

Nanango was the first town established in the South Burnett and played a key role in the development of the region.

Residents date its founding to 1848 when Jacob Goode established an inn in the area.

A community committee, organised by the Nanango Tourism and Development Association (NaTDA), is co-ordinating celebrations for the anniversary.

NaTDA president Sharon Johnson told community groups that want to get their events linked to the anniversary celebrations must contact her before the end of this month.

The final details of the events do not have to be in place, just the month in which they will occur.

Sharon is also urging local businesses to get on board the celebrations by sponsoring an individual event or activity within an event.

She can be contacted by phoning 0411-783-274.

Footnote: If anyone’s wondering what a 175th anniversary is called, it’s a “demisemiseptcentennial” 

Goodes Inn (Burnett Inn) at Nanango in an undated image (Photo: State Library of Queensland)

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