The 1.6 tonne road roller which tipped, trapping Les Lane’s leg against a rock (Photo: Supplied)
Blackbutt resident Les Lane

May 11, 2022

Blackbutt resident Les Lane is counting his lucky stars after escaping serious injury in a roller mishap at Teelah on Sunday.

Despite early concerns from QAS paramedics and the LifeFlight doctor that he had suffered serious leg injuries, Les has emerged from the very scary incident with just severe bruising.

Les told that he had been repairing a driveway using a small vibrating roller.

“I was just finishing off the driveway for a lady up there. After the storms she had no access. We had put roadbase down and I was compacting it,” Les said.

“I was doing the final compact but I don’t really know what happened.

“Suddenly, the roller was over on its side and my leg was pinned between the machine and a rock.

“As it fell over, it trapped my left leg just above the ankle – and I was unable to get it out.”

Les had just sent his offsider to take away some equipment, so he was on site by himself.

Unfortunately, his mobile phone was in his vehicle – not in his pocket – so he could not ring for help.

The only choice he had was to start screaming out.

He said his voice was starting to “crack” after yelling for about 15 minutes before he managed to attract someone’s attention.

“A bloke up the road heard me and called Triple 0,” Les said.

Emergency crews, including ambulance and QFES personnel, arrived soon afterwards.

Les was given pain relief while the rescuers worked to free him from the roller.

He believes he was trapped for about 90 minutes before he was freed, and in the meantime the LifeFlight helicopter had been called to the site.

“My leg didn’t look very good at all, it was all out of shape,” Les said.

Everyone believed he had suffered serious leg injuries.

He was flown to Toowoomba Hospital and immediately sent for scans.

Les said he was prepared for bad news when the doctors walked in but then he noticed they had a surprised look on their faces … there was not even a fracture!

He said the accident occurred about 11:00am and he was ready to the leave the hospital by 5:30pm.

“I am really thankful for all the help I received – from the person who came to my aid, the fire service, the ambulance – all the emergency services that came to my aid,” Les said.

He is now recovering at home, with his leg just badly bruised.

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