May 9, 2022

Thieves have struck at two businesses in Wondai on consecutive days.

At some time between 5:30pm on May 3 and 3:00pm on May 4, thieves jumped a fence of a business in Bunya Avenue.

They then cut a chain and padlock at the front of the premises and stole a camper-trailer.

The camper-trailer is still missing.

Then on May 4, between 1:30am and 5:30am, thieves entered multiple sheds at a business in North Street, Wondai, after breaking a lock to the main storage shed.

Once inside, the loaded a number of items into a wheelbarrow to move them to the rear of the property.

They then cut a hole in the chainmesh fence and loaded the stolen items into a vehicle parked nearby.

The thieves then returned the wheelbarrow into the shed and used a steel post to prop the rear side door closed.

Investigations into both incidents are continuing.

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