Nanango Golf Club president Lester Calvert with greens director Neil Strack, club vice-president Ross Coutts and the club’s new Toro greens mower

March 17, 2022

The Nanango Golf Club’s new greens mower has been hard at work lately thanks to all the recent rain.

The specialist mower is a vital piece of equipment for the club, capable of clipping the greens to 3mm.

The club approached Heritage Nanango Community Funding last year seeking help to replace their old mower.

Heritage agreed and sponsored the club for $10,000 to put towards the $27,000 cost of purchasing a two-year-old Toro mower.

Club president Lester Calvert said he was very grateful to Heritage for their support.

“They helped us to replace a piece of very critical machinery,” he said.

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