January 4, 2022

There are now more than 160 active cases of COVID-19 in the South Burnett and Cherbourg communities, according to figures released on Tuesday morning by Cherbourg Council.

A Council statement said local health officials had advised there were 60 actives cases in Kingaroy, 90 in Cherbourg, nine in Murgon and three in Nanango.

The Council statement said police were moving around Cherbourg to encourage people to stay at home and isolate.

“Please do not panic – this is being done for community safety. There is NO lockdown but for safety of community please no moving about unless it is for essential purposes,” the statement said.

“Anyone who attended the New Year’s Eve event at the Royal Hotel in Murgon between 9:00pm and 1:00am are encouraged to get tested if they are showing any flu-like symptoms.

“Anyone who is double-vaccinated and eligible for the booster are being strongly encouraged to go and get their booster shot as soon as possible – but only if you have NOT got any flu-like symptoms or have tested positive to the COVID.

“Any family or houses in COVID isolation will be allowed to move about seven days from the last person in the home being diagnosed with the COVID.

“Anyone who tested positive to COVID seven days ago and have been isolating are now able to move about, as long as you are feeling well.”

* * *

There are now 5699 new confirmed COVID-19 cases in Queensland.

The figures, for the 24 hours to 7:00pm on Monday, were released by Chief Health Officer Dr John Gerrard on Tuesday morning.

He said there were now 25,924 active cases across the State with 11 patients in intensive care, including two people on ventilators.

A total of 170 people were in Queensland hospitals receiving non-ICU COVID care.

Dr Gerrard said he expected the number of cases would be in the “hundreds of thousands” by the end of January but said the disease at the moment bore “no resemblance” to the COVID of the past, mainly because of the level of vaccinations but also because of the Omicron variant.

There are now 96.67 per cent of the Queensland population aged 16 and over who have received one dose of COVID-19 vaccine, and 86.82 per cent are double-dosed.

Health Minister Yvette D’Ath said there were only three reasons to seek a PCR test:

1. If you have COVID symptoms,

2. You have done a RAT test which has come up positive,

3. You are a household close contact of a positive case and it is Day 6 and have not been able to get a RAT test.

Dr Gerrard said healthy young adults who had cold or flu symptoms – ie. a runny nose and cough – should assume they have COVID and stay at home for seven days if it was not easy to get a test. 

He said they should seek assistance if they have shortness of breath, chest pain, are significantly feeling faint, have a fever and are not improving after three days.

* * *

South Burnett Regional Council has reminded residents about the mask mandate that came into effect from 1:00am on January 2.

Masks must be worn indoors everywhere in Queensland, except in your own home or accommodation, and where it is unsafe, such as while doing strenuous exercise.

Queensland Health has advised people must wear a mask indoors, including:

  • All indoor workplaces
  • Public transport and ride shares
  • Supermarkets and retail shops
  • Hospitality venues including pubs, clubs, and cafes
  • Cinemas and theatres
  • Indoor stadiums, sports arena, or sports centres
  • Gyms and sport activities
  • Vulnerable settings such as hospitals and aged care
  • Schools, childcare, and other education facilities
  • Airports and on planes

You do not need to wear a mask outdoors if you can remain 1.5 metres away from others that are not members of your household.

* * *

southburnett.com.au has been keeping track of some basic statistics for local Council areas since the re-opening of the State border on December 13.

These statistics, from Queensland Health, show the total number of confirmed positive cases per Local Government Area since the pandemic began in January 2020.

They are NOT the total of current ACTIVE cases but demonstrate how the virus has spread quickly throughout the local community.

We took snapshots on Dec 13, Dec 21, Dec 29, Dec 30, Dec 31, Jan 1, Jan 2, Jan 3 and Jan 4:

  • South Burnett: 3 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 18 / 21 / 25 / 39 / 52
  • Cherbourg:  – / – / – / 3 / 12 / 21 / 30 / 51 / 61
  • Toowoomba: 52 / 56 / 233 / 312 / 368 / 396 / 463 / 579 / 665
  • Gympie: 7 / 6 / 23 / 26 / 38 / 43 / 48 / 68 / 82
  • North Burnett: 3 / 3 / 5 / 5 / 8 / 9 / 13 / 13 / 14
  • Somerset: 6 / 6 / 14 / 15 / 15 / 20 / 28 / 34 / 38
  • Western Downs: 3 / 3 / 16 / 18 / 23 / 30 / 36 / 48 / 52

NB. Data is reported by Queensland Health daily but can vary over time due to case reviews. When we took the first snapshots, Cherbourg LGA had not been added to the list by Qld Health as no cases had been recorded there. From December 31, data is current to 7:00pm the previous day.

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