December 21, 2021

Cherbourg Local Disaster Management Group (LDMG) met on Tuesday in response to the growing number of COVID cases now occurring in Queensland and have now moved to a “Lean Forward” position.

“Lean Forward” is the second stage in the State Government’s disaster management stages which track the progression of an incident towards recovery: “Alert”, “Lean Forward”, “Stand Up” and then “Stand Down”.

The Cherbourg LDMG has strongly encouraged any residents of the community who have not already been vaccinated to make this a priority, or if they have had their first dose, get their second as soon as it is due.

“The LDMG will be active and ready to take action in the event infections enter the community, taking a stance of ‘prepare for the worst, hope for the best’,” a statement by Cherbourg Council said.

Masks for Cherbourg residents are available from reception at Cherbourg Council.

The South Burnett LDMG has not shifted its alert status as yet.

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