December 10, 2021

The Queensland Fire and Emergency Service is warning residents to expect similar conditions on Friday afternoon to what we have been experiencing over the past couple of days.

Heavy rainfall and hail from thunderstorms is expected in parts of the State.

Catchments in areas which have experienced severe storms are already saturated so the real risk at the moment is flash flooding.

A spokesperson said SES volunteers responded to about 90 requests for assistance across the State in the past 24 hours, mostly for leaking rooves and sandbag requests.

Crews have also attended two fatal incidents involving floodwaters in the past three days.

“It’s devastating for all involved,” the spokesperson said.

“It’s vital motorists remember, if confronted by floodwater, they don’t get carried away.

“They should take a moment, back it up, and wait until it’s safe. It’s the smartest thing they can do.”

The spokesperson also emphasised the importance of not allowing children to play in floodwaters.

Floodwater may be deeper or faster flowing than it appears and contain hidden snags or debris, chemicals, raw sewage or snakes.

Roads and surfaces underneath floodwater also often wash away and the damage may not be visible from the surface.

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