Ruby Beil, 9, from Kingaroy, was making friends with the famous mice at Kumbia’s Christmas Carnival on Sunday night

December 6, 2021

Kumbia residents had a genuinely Mickey Mouse* time at the town’s annual Christmas celebrations on Sunday night.

There were plenty of smiles as Mickey and Minnie wandered the crowd.

And there were also mouse ears aplenty on many of the youngsters (the ears were handed out as all-night “tickets” to access the jumping castle and slippery slide).

But the famous mice weren’t the only celebrities to drop in; Santa also took time out of his busy pre-Christmas Eve schedule to stop by and meet the children.

Visitors had been invited to dress as their favourite Disney characters, which meant a few of the adults also sprouted mouse ears.

The annual Kumbia Christmas celebration also featured its famous barbecue of local sausages as well as market stalls, music, Christmas trees, raffles and a busy ham wheel.

What more could you want for Christmas?

* Footnote. In Aussie slang, “Mickey Mouse” is rhyming slang for “grouse”, ie. extra good. Confusingly, in American English, it means the exact opposite.

Rhonda Callow, from Kingaroy, had a magnificent display of her hand-crafted Christmas decorations for sale … this one featured coral as well as pine cones, polished stones and baubles
Celina Bath and Lorraine Campbell were looking after the dessert table
Kumbia markets co-ordinator Brett McGlone with former Kumbia resident Murray Beil
Desiree Crawford and Gayle Carroll were serving up the barbecued goodies
Brothers Paul and Morris Winter carried out their traditional Christmas Carnival duties on the barbecue, cooking up sausages and steaks for the hungry crowd
Hall committee members Anne Skinner and Linda Thomas were looking after “Josie’s Tea Room” named in honour of the late Josie McConville who was always a hard-working volunteer at Kumbia’s Christmas celebrations
Sheilah and Tony Turton, from Kingaroy, were checking out the scented candles, secondhand books and Christmas trees inside the Kumbia Memorial Hall
The Disney theme extended to the Christmas Trees set up inside the hall … a Kumbia tradition!
Mickey even made on to a Christmas bauble
Visitors browse a line of market stalls set up beside the Kumbia hall

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