School captain – and boxing champ – Pharrell Chapman received a big round of applause when he arrived with his proud mum, Linda Georgetown

December 5, 2021

Murgon State High School’s 2021 formal was a night to remember for the proud Year 12 students and their relatives and friends.

But it was also history-making.

After years of the formal dinner being held in the Murgon Town Hall, this year’s event was shifted to the school’s grounds and the huge, new multi-purpose hall.

The space, recently opened by Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk, is an indoor sports arena and top-class entertainment venue but has now also proved itself to be a perfect function centre.

See the full gallery of students’ photos, below

Murgon State High School’s Year 12s celebrate the end of their high school years
A very proud cohort of Indigenous students pose for a group photo

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Gallery Of Photos 

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The Cars … 

Some very classy cars dropped off the students at the end of the red carpet.

Crowds lined Dutton Street East as the parade of Holdens, Fords – and more exotic marques – discharged their their occupants at the school gates.

Here’s just a taste of some of the well-polished machines that caught our eye …

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Making History … 

The 2021 Murgon State High School formal was the first to be held in the school’s new multi-million dollar auditorium.

A red carpet led from the school gates in Dutton Street East to the hall, with proud parents and friends gathered in the street and in the school grounds to welcome the students.

The students and their partners then walked through a colourful arch to enter the brightly decorated hall.

Deputy Principal (Student Engagement and Wellbeing) Barbara Etherington was introducing the students to the crowd as they arrived

Murgon State High School principal Simon Cotton was watching on with pride as the students arrived at the school gates

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