November 24, 2021

Murgon police are investigating a spate of incidents involving stolen vehicles in the local area.

  • About 8:00pm on November 5, police were travelling along Fisher Street, Cherbourg, when a stolen vehicle overtook the police vehicle at speed and continued to travel along Marshall Street. Another vehicle had to stop to avoid a collision with the stolen vehicle, which was travelling on the wrong side of the road. The stolen vehicle accelerated away along Fisher Street, Cherbourg.
  • About 11:30pm on November 10, police attempted to intercept a stolen vehicle (registration 036-CA9) on Cherbourg Road, Cherbourg. Police activated their lights and sirens but the vehicle drove away. It then returned to Cherbourg Road and crossed double lines on to the wrong side of the road.
  • About 10:30pm on November 10, two people entered an address in Perkins Street, Murgon, where a 15-year-old Cherbourg boy allegedly stole a vehicle. He has been charged with robbery and car theft and will appear in Murgon Children’s Court.
  • About 1:15pm on November 16, a stolen 2016 Volkswagen Passat (registration QWK-03Z) was observed driving erratically on Chinchilla-Wondai Road ad Durong South. Police attempted to intercept the vehicle, however it evaded police and was last seen driving west towards Durong. Anyone travelling in the vicinity at the time who has dashcam footage of the vehicle have been asked to contact police and quote QP2102138611.

* * *

A 49-year-old Wondai man will appear in Murgon Magistrates Court on December 14 to face two counts of fraud. The charges follow an investigation into an allegation the man used an online marketplace to offer items for sale. A deposit was allegedly paid for the items but the items were not produced to the buyer.

* * *

A 49-year-old Wondai man will appear in Murgon Magistrates Court on December 14 charged with threatening violence after he allegedly used a carriage service in October to make violent threats to attend a business and cause serious harm to the staff.

* * *


  • A 40-year-old Murgon woman will appear in Murgon Magistrates Court on November 30 charged with drink-driving (0.108 BAC) after police stopped a vehicle in Lamb Street, Murgon, about 8:30pm on November 2.
  • A 25-year-old Curra man will appear in Murgon Magistrates Court on December 14 charged with drug-driving after police stopped his vehicle in Lamb Street, Murgon, about 12:15pm on November 10.
  • A 19-year-old Wondai woman will appear in Murgon Magistrates Court on December 14 charged with failing to comply with learner driver requirements and driving an unregistered and uninsured vehicle. after police stopped a vehicle on Broadway Street, Cherbourg, about 5:20pm on November 13.

* * *

Wilful Damage

  • Between 8:00pm on November 7 and 10:00am on November 8, a glass bottle was thrown at a window of a house in Thompson Street Murgon, causing it to shatter.
  • About 11:30pm on November 10, a person stood at the front gate of a house in Marshall Street, Cherbourg, yelling abuse and throwing rocks at the building. One of the rocks hit the front bedroom window, smashing it, at which point the offender ran off.
  • Between 11:00am on November 12 and 5:00am on November 15, Proston P-10 school was broken into and multiple windows were damaged.

* * *


  • Between October 25 and November 7, thieves have entered a caravan parked at an address in Collingwood Street, Proston, and stolen machinery items.
  • Between 1:30pm on November 9 and 12:45pm on November 11, thieves have smashed a window at the rear of a house in Barambah Avenue, Cherbourg, entered a laundry, where they stole food and turned off a freezer, causing food to spoil.
  • About 3:15pm on November 11, three boys allegedly entered a home in Perkins Street, Murgon, through a closed but unlocked sliding glass door. Police will allege the boys were armed with iron bars and stole a set of earbuds and food. They left after being disturbed by the occupants. Two 13-year-old Cherbourg boys and a 14-year-old Cherbourg boy have been charged with enter dwelling with intent, stealing, common assault and obstructing police. They will appear in Murgon Children’s Court.
  • Between 11:00am and 5:30pm on November 14, thieves entered a residence in Barber Street, Cherbourg, through a closed but unlocked door and stole a gaming console.
  • About 5:00pm on November 16, would-be thieves used a piece of wood and rocks to damage a side window and enter a bedroom of a house in Jerome Street, Cherbourg.

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