Bloomin’ Beautiful Blackbutt president Jeff Connor is inviting comments on the town’s draft Arts Strategy

October 22, 2021

The Blackbutt Avocado Festival’s organising committee, Bloomin’ Beautiful Blackbutt, has unveiled the draft Blackbutt Arts Strategy 2026 for public comment.

The strategy has been developed following consultations undertaken between May and August.

“We are excited to share the outcome of a significant body of work that has been undertaken in our community this year. We would like to acknowledge and thank the individuals, groups and organisations who have participated during this process and welcome public feedback on the draft Strategy,” Bloomin’ Beautiful Blackbutt president Jeff Connor said.

The development of the Blackbutt Arts Strategy 2026 has been supported by South Burnett Regional Council and the Foundation of Rural Regional Renewal, following Blackbutt Avocado Festival’s announcement earlier this year it had been awarded $58,744 through FRRR’s Tackling Tough Times Together program.

“The opportunity to develop an arts strategy for Blackbutt has enabled us to outline a vision and number of goals for harnessing the arts in our community over the next five years,” Jeff said.

“We are looking forward to increasing the number of arts initiatives, both at the festival and more broadly in Blackbutt, to achieve positive social and economic development outcomes for our community.”

A copy of the draft Blackbutt Arts Strategy 2026 is available to download or community members can contact Arts Project Officer Olivia Everitt on 0432-556-830 to request a mailed copy.

Comments and feedback must be submitted to by 5:00pm on Wednesday, November 3, for consideration.

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