October 14, 2021

Somerset Regional Council has approved the installation of a new prefabricated toilet and shower block in Ditchman Park at Linville.

Councillors voted at their Ordinary Meeting on Wednesday to spend $187,680 with a Sunshine Coast-based supplier, Landmark, to supply and install the unit.

The new block will include a disabled shower and toilet plus two other toilets and two showers.

It will have solar hot water with an electric booster, and a privacy screen with artwork depicting a mountain bike or similar.

The decision to go with Landmark followed consideration of several options, but two other possible suppliers indicated they would face delays due to interstate border closures.

The contract will also include construction of a concrete slab, earthworks, septic tank and septic system.

Ditchman Park is located opposite the Linville Hotel.

It is a popular spot for overnight campers, and is also a Brisbane Valley Rail Trail trailhead that houses the former Linville Railway Station.

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