FLASHBACK: Kingaroy’s Memorial Park in January 2013 … roads and infrastructure throughout the region were badly damaged by the 2011 and 2013 floods

October 11, 2021

South Burnett Regional Council has taken the opportunity of Get Ready Queensland Week (October 10-16) to remind residents about the South Burnett Local Disaster Management Plan (LDMP).

The new plan and related sub-plans were adopted by Council in August.

They explain in great detail the processes that Council would undertake in the event of a disaster unfolding in the region.

“(Council’s) Disaster Management team and the Local Disaster Management Group recently embarked on a journey to redevelop the South Burnett Local Disaster Management Plan (LDMP) to deliver a modern, informative, understandable, succinct and useable plan,” a Council spokesperson said.

“The LDMP is now located on Council’s website. The new LDMP and sub-plans meet the requirements of legislation, regulations, guidance and frameworks associated with the Queensland Disaster Management Arrangements.

“Our plan consists of disaster management philosophy which embraces prevention, preparedness, response and recovery procedures.

“It identifies strategies for disaster resilience and supports the Get Ready Queensland and Get Ready South Burnett messages.

“Every region is susceptible and at risk of local and major disaster events. Our plan provides Council the arrangements to ensure there is an effective and co-ordinated response to a disaster event, and to facilitate a speedy return to a safe and secure environment as soon as possible after that event.

“This supports the primary focus shared by all of the agencies involved in this plan – to reduce the loss of human life, illness or injury to people, property loss or damage, or damage to the environment that results from a disaster.”

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