Denese Brown, with ‘Buttons Brown”, Booie, and Janice Armistead, Coolabunia, checked out the bridal display in the hall

September 30, 2021

COVID-19 restrictions over the past 18 months have badly hit the Booie Hall, with events – including its planned 90th anniversary dance last November – cancelled.

This has forced the hard-working committee that runs the hall to look at new ways to raise funds, including holding car boot sales and hosting other activities.

Glady Hood, from the Booie Hall Committee, told the group was basically “trying to keep its head above water”.

The committee held its third car boot sale on Saturday, attracting a handful of sellers and a stream of mostly local residents checking out what was happening.

“We have only managed to hold one dance since COVID struck,” Glady said. “And the band alone cost us $500.”

Glady said the committee had been organising smaller things to celebrate the 90th birthday.

“Eventually we will have a birthday celebration,” she said.

An added attraction on Saturday was a display of 24 bridal gowns from across the past 90 years, a nod to the hall’s anniversary.

The oldest gown on show actually dated to 1926, worn by former Kingaroy resident Maureen Colquhoun.

Committee members spent hours preparing the bridal gowns and other wedding-themed decorations in the hall for the one-day display.

Fred Armistead, Coolabunia; John Rigby, Booie; and David Kerr, Kingaroy Heights, had items for sale at the Booie Hall car boot sale
Jenny Robinson, Booie; Glady Hood, Redvale; and Marj Gossow, Kingaroy
Glady Hood with her bridal gown … she was married in 1955 at the Presbyterian Church in Kingaroy
Local councillor Roz Frohloff also loaned her wedding dress for the bridal display

* * *

Bridal Gallery

Some of the incredible range of bridal dresses – spanning 90 years – that were on display at the Booie Hall:

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