Harrisia martinii – which has been located near Nanango and Ballogie – is a Category 3 weed (Photo: DAF)

September 15, 2021

South Burnett Regional Council’s pest management team has detected another outbreak of Harrisia cactus (Harrisia martinii) in the region.

Cr Scott Henschen told last week’s Community Standing Committee meeting that the Category 3 weed had been spotted on a property at Ballogie.

He said the cactus had previously been located five kilometres north of Nanango.

“Harrisia cactus is a restricted Category 3 weed not previously known to be present in the Nanango area,” Cr Henschen said.

“This unpalatable succulent can form dense infestations that if unmanaged will reduce pastures to a level unsuitable for stock.”

He said Council staff and contractors have begun a surveillance and treatment program in the area and an awareness campaign will provide information to the community about the cactus, how to identify it and how to report it.

Cr Henschen said biosecurity officers had also inspected 40 properties for the presence of Mother of Millions and other restricted weeds during July.

Treatment of Mother of Millions continued at South Nanango, Runnymede, Mondure, Byee, Kawl Kawl, Boat Mountain, Murgon, Moffatdale and Haly Creek.

Splatter guns were loaned to landholders at Haly Creek and West Cloyna for lantana control.

Spray trailers were loaned to assist with Giant Rats Tail Grass programs at Windera.

Cat traps were loaned to landholders in Tarong, Cushnie, Glan Davon and Stalworth and rabbit traps were used by landholders at Nanango.

Two kilograms of carrots containing calicivirus were also distributed at South Nanango and Crawford to target rabbits.

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