Cr Tim McMahon (Photo: TRC)

September 3, 2021

Toowoomba Regional Council is calling for applications from residents who are interested in receiving training to become qualified fitness or yoga instructors.

Cr Tim McMahon said Council was offering the training with the support of funding from the State Government’s ActiveKIT program for TRC residents outside Toowoomba and Highfields.

Cr McMahon said limited places were available for community members to receive full funding to become a fitness or yoga instructor.

“Council is keen to offer the training for residents who are interested in running fitness or yoga classes across our regional towns as part of our Change Project to widen access to healthy lifestyle and fitness activities,” Cr McMahon said.

“Qualified fitness or yoga instructors who are based in regional areas are welcome to contact Council to ensure new instructors operate in areas without existing trainers.

“Conditions cover the timeframes to complete the training (by April 2022), in addition to offering a regular, low-cost community class when qualified and associated promotional activities.

“I encourage all interested residents to complete the application form by Monday, September 13. Existing Change Project providers are welcome to apply if they intend to upskill so they can offer new, low-cost classes across our regional towns.

“Training will be conducted online, however some assessment might be required to be performed in person.”

  • The application form is available online (under the Regional Fitness and Yoga Upskill Initiative tab)

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Toowoomba Regional Council is also seeking nominations from qualified sports coaches who are interested in running new social sports competitions across the region.

Cr McMahon said Council was responding to feedback from the ACTIVATE survey that identified residents wanted to participate in social sport.

He said Council was calling for interested sports coaches to apply to be part of the Everyone’s Game (sport done differently) initiative that was designed to boost social sports activities.

The Everyone’s Game initiative is also funded under ActiveKIT program.

Cr McMahon said the initiative would fund eight suitably qualified coaches to trial a social sports program designed to place an emphasis on fun and interaction.

“The Everyone’s Game tagline aptly describes the social nature of the trial. Participants will not need uniforms and the intent of the program is to allow residents to have a go and enjoy being active, instead of seeing competitive sport and its various commitments as a barrier to exercise,” Cr McMahon said.

“The initial 12-session program is designed to be based on an individual sport in partnership with Council.

“Prospective coaches will need suitable qualifications and have insurance or access to insurance through their associated sporting organisation.

“In addition, successful applicants will be required to run a regular 12-session activity program (weekly or fortnightly) during the funding timeframe, which ends in July 2022. Sourcing volunteers to run sessions and participating in promotional activities will be other requirements.

“Coaches will receive a per session payment for running the program, plus a maximum participant fee of $5 per person.

“They also will receive a $250 sports pack at the start of the program which will be personalised for each program (for example, markers, balls and bibs). There will also be revenue support to help with park or venue hire and promotional backing to advertise the program.”

Cr McMahon said Council was keen to provide programs across the region’s towns.

Applications close on Monday, September 13.

  • The application form is available online (under the “Everyone’s Game” tab)

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