Twins Cherry and Minnie Martoo, from Kingaroy, were both commended for their works in the 2021 Children’s Art Competition … their mother Bronwyn is an arts teacher at St Mary’s Catholic College

August 10, 2021

Wondai Regional Art Gallery was packed to overflowing with children and their proud parents and teachers on Friday night.

The occasion was the inaugural Children’s Art Competition, an exhibition which the gallery now plans to run every two years to showcase works by the region’s youngest artists.

The 224 entries filled all three galleries and overflowed into the walkway area between the Gallery and The Studio.

The competition had four age grades (for children aged 4-6, 7-11, 12-15 and 16-18) and two categories: 2D Art – which ranged from traditional works in pastels, oils, watercolours and pencil through to photography – and 3D Art which covered pottery and sculpture.

Cash prizes for the top three winning entries in each section were sponsored by Bendigo Bank, and the exhibition was officially opened by Anne Woodrow, Bendigo Bank’s South Burnett senior branch manager.

Gallery curator Elaine Madill congratulated the young artists and thanked the teachers at Murgon State High School, St Mary’s Catholic College, and the Windera, Cloyna and Moffatdale State schools for the enthusiasm they had shown for the competition.

She also thanked the gallery’s hanging team who had undertaken the mammoth task of displaying the works, and the catering team who provided supper for the larger-than-usual number of guests.

Elaine said the competition was about educating the region’s young people about the role the arts play in everyday life.

She said it was important to introduce young people to the arts at an early age so they felt comfortable in a gallery and encourage a future generation of artists.

  • The Children’s Art Competition will remain on display at the Wondai Regional Art Gallery in Haly Street, Wondai, from 10:00am to 4:00pm daily until the end of the month. Admission is free.
Students from Murgon State High School were enthusiastic entrants in the competition, and one of their works took out the People’s Choice award on opening night
Anne Woodrow, from Bendigo Bank, chatted with Wondai Regional Art Gallery curator Elaine Madill and Cr Kathy Duff after the presentations were over … the trio was impressed with the diversity of the works on show
Wondai Regional Art Gallery played host to a larger-than-usual crowd of students, parents and teachers at this month’s opening night
Dr Susan Mercer and Brett Heading from Clovely Estate served their award-winning South Burnett wines to appreciative customers at the opening … the pair hopes to open a licensed restaurant at Goomeri by Christmas to complement their Moffatdale cellar door (Photo: Kathy Duff)

* * *

2021 Children’s Art Competition Results

2D Children 4-6 Years

1st: Drew Thomas – “Me At The Beach” ($50)
2nd: William Hasselback – “In The Paddock” ($30)
3rd: Frankie Willmott – “Fairy Princess In Her Castle” ($20)
Highly Commended: Madilyn Birch
Commended: Gemma Quirke

3D Children 4-6 Years

1st: Ivy Ansell – “Little Fox” ($50)

2D Children 7-11 Years

1st: Blake Petty – “Outback Runners” ($50)
2nd: Tia Bates – “Autumn Petals” ($30)
3rd: Kyla Webber – “Riding Free” ($20)
Highly Commended: Eleanor Smith
Commended: Amity Wiley and Annie McVeigh

3D Children 7-11 Years

1st: Isaac Nelson – “Dog In The Back” ($50)
2nd: Leela Nelson – “Bird” ($30)
3rd: Jacquon Clevens – “Bowl With Lid” ($20)
Highly Commended: Addi Smith

2D Children 12-15

1st: Michaela Taylor – “Sunflower” ($100)
2nd: Bedhi Woods – “Bushfire” ($60)
3rd: Kristy Watt – “Turtle” ($40)
3rd: Nicholas Sutton – “Old Bess” ($40)
Highly Commended: Mahkaylah Christoffel, Minnie Martoo and Matilda Ackinclose
Commended: Klancie Ryan and Cherry Martoo

3D Children 12-15

1st: Kristy Watt – “Lion King” ($100)
2nd: Nuala Mearns – “Life Changing” ($60)
3rd: Kristy Watt – “Jewellery Bowl” ($40)
Highly Commended: Kimberley Haydon
Commended: Isabella McKenzie

2d Children 16-18

1st: Jorga McKay – “Opal Dreams 2” ($100)
2nd: Ayana Muray – “Butterfly Wings” ($60)
3rd: Teagan O’Sullivan – “Unknown, After Evan McLeod” ($40)
Highly Commended: Melena Rose, Faith Raphael and Jo-Weilah Speedy
Commended: Pharrell Chapman, Alex Hinkley and Brandon Clancy

3D Children 16-18

1st: James Watt – “Trinket Bowl” ($100)
2nd: Dianna Hemberg – “Nature Beneath The Wave” ($60)
3rd: Hunter Law – “Vessel” ($40)
Highly Commended: Dale Lynach
Commended: Cody Lang

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