July 27, 2021

Murgon police are appealing to homeowners to ensure their houses and properties are secure when they’re out, after a number of recent break-and-enters.

A police spokesperson said the majority of the offences occurred between July 25-26 in Douglas, Rose, Cobb, Thorn and McLucas street areas.

The stolen property has included small items such as car keys, purses, personal identification and bank cards.

Offenders have taken advantage of unlocked or unsecured doors or windows in many of the incidents.

“By ensuring doors and windows are locked, even when you’re at home, and by keeping sought-after items such as phones, jewellery, wallets and cameras out of sight, each member of the community can help prevent this from occurring,” the spokesperson said.

“Neighbours can play a big role in preventing these offences by keeping an eye out for each other, assisting with mail collection for those who are away and placing rubbish bins out at the usual collection time.”

  • More information and tips to improve home safety can be found online 

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4 Responses to "Please Lock Up, Say Police"

  1. Andrew  July 28, 2021

    Victim blaming, hmm. I don’t think the victim should be considered at fault.

    Of course, if you have gone out of your house it should be locked. Locking your doors and windows whilst asleep is fair, but at other times you are a prisoner in your own home and at risk in the event of a fire emergency, for example. Wallets and phones ought to be secure but car keys, leave them in plain sight so the offender gets the keys to your (hopefully insured) car and leaves without destroying your house and privacy.

  2. Peanut Chipper  July 28, 2021

    There’s a couple of things wrong with this logic, IMHO.

    Firstly, no door should be so difficult to unlock from the inside that it should prove dangerous in the event of a fire.

    Secondly, I doubt an insurance claim would be successful if the insurer knew that leaving the car keys out while the door was unlocked was a deliberate ploy. And if this “solution” was widely adopted, it would simply increase everyone’s insurance premiums in your postcode and increase the workload of our already over-worked police force. How hard is it to hide your keys?

    I have heard of an idea that some people use that may just work. Leave a $50 note out in a highly visible spot. They’ll nick that and rack off. Cheaper than buying a new car and less of a headache than debating the ways of the world with an insurance company.

  3. Andrew  July 28, 2021

    Hi Peanut Chipper

    Mainly thinking about kids. Not tall enough to reach a barrel bolt or similar.

    If my keys are on the bench and the thief then leaves with the car then I am relieved. Rather than having them rummage through my bedroom, perhaps waking me and ending in a very bad situation…

    I think the biggest issue is why are people breaking and entering and thieving?

  4. Bouncer  July 29, 2021

    Get yourself a BIG dog. This should discourage most thieves. But make sure you have liability insurance just in case a thief gets bitten.


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