Garden beds and other street features installed as part of the Kingaroy Transformation Project will not contribute to the loss of 99 car parking spaces, Council officers say

July 7, 2021

South Burnett Regional Council has again revised the number of car parks that will be lost in the Kingaroy CBD due to the Kingaroy Transformation Project (KTP).

On July 2, Council forecast 96 car parks would be lost in Kingaroy’s CBD due to regulatory requirements and the installation of disability car parking spaces.

But at Wednesday’s Infrastructure Standing Committee meeting, this was raised to 99.

Infrastructure General Manager Aaron Meehan took responsibility for the updated figure, which he said had come about after his department conducted a detailed audit of the KTP’s plans.

However – in response to a question asked by Cr Kathy Duff last week – he confirmed no car parks would be lost due to the installation of garden beds or other street features.

Mr Meehan said current road design rules required a minimum amount of clear space around pedestrian crossings to ensure cars could not accidentally back out and hit pedestrians.

Garden beds or other features would be placed in these clear spaces to ensure they could not be used by drivers.

In all, Mr Meehan said 31 car parks would disappear from Alford Street; 14 from Kingaroy Street; 26 from Haly Street; and 28 from Glendon Street.

However, he said the review had also disclosed no disability parking space was planned near the Kingaroy Street post office.

This oversight has now been corrected.

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4 Responses to "Council Ups Car Park Loss Again"

  1. Car park losses: 91 then 97 then 84 then 96 now 99. After a “detailed audit” we supposedly have the real figure. Maybe? You would think that a project that has almost a $14 million budget and which is already ripping up our streets, would have pretty detailed plans drawn up and locked in place. Surely it is simply a matter of counting the rectangles on the plans? Have the final plans for Glendon Street been okayed yet?

  2. Does it really matter? The majority of CBD businesses do more online than through the front door or are a non-customer office. The purposes of CBDs are changing.

    There are still 550 car park spaces, improved visibility, improved safety, dozens of disability spaces, and best of all, a much nicer look and feel… so desperately needed!

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