Members of the Local Disaster Management Committee with the new South Burnett Disaster Management Plan, which the SBRC is expected to adopt at its August General Meeting (Photo: SBRC)

June 23, 2021

Droughts, floods, bushfires, storms and the COVID-19 pandemic have all struck the South Burnett during the past decade, upending many residents’ lives.

But soon the South Burnett Regional Council will have an updated plan to combat whatever disasters nature might throw at us in the future.

At its quarterly meeting last Thursday, the South Burnett Local Disaster Management Group (LDMG) endorsed a new South Burnett Local Disaster Management Plan and sub-plans.

These plans will be taken to the Council’s August General Meeting for formal adoption.

LDMG chair Cr Roz Frohloff said the new plans have been designed to meet the requirements of Queensland’s disaster management arrangements, but do so in an informative, understandable and practical way.

“Every region is at risk of local and major disaster events,” Cr Frohloff said.

“This plan will help ensure there is an effective and co-ordinated response to any disaster, and a speedy return to a safe and secure environment as soon as possible after that.”

Cr Frohloff said the new plans contained guidelines for Council to effectively prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters.

“Effective disaster management is vital to ensure the wellbeing of our communities,” Cr Frohloff said.

Once the plans are adopted, they will be available to the public on the South Burnett Regional Council’s website.

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One Response to "Plans Tackle Disaster Management"

  1. Kay Dove  June 23, 2021

    Great work to everyone involved in getting the South Burnett Local Disaster Plan up to date. I certainly appreciate the work involved with this and adding COVID19 into the mix must have been challenging!!


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