Sports Complex co-ordinator Lavinia “Bena” Dynevor said ‘yes’ right away to the idea of a mural

June 15, 2021

A magnificent mural that now graces the back wall of the gym in the Cherbourg Sports Complex honours one of Cherbourg’s true sporting heroes.

The mural features boxer Jeffrey “Mitta” Dynevor (1938-2008) who won a gold medal at the 1962 Commonwealth Games in Perth.

The painting, completed by local schoolchildren earlier this year, was organised by Sports Complex co-ordinator Lavinia “Bena” Dynevor.

The idea was sparked by a visit to the community by Brisbane-based artist Gert Geyer, who came to Cherbourg with her father on a trip with the LORE Men First Nations motorcycle club.

Gert had some paint left over from some other jobs and offered it to the community for a project.

“Bena was really good. She said yes straight away,” Gert told

It was decided the mural would become a school holiday project at the Sports Complex and a way to help the children connect back to culture.

“We talked to the children about what they wanted to see on the wall,” Bena said.

“The children drew their designs on a piece of paper. Gert then took them back to Brisbane and put their drawings on a computer.”

Gert came back to Cherbourg to make sure everyone was happy with the design before the project got under way over the Easter break.

“Gert projected their designs on to the wall,” Bena said.

“The children traced over the drawings with pencil and after that they painted it.

“They did the light colours and the background first. The dots were the last thing.”

The children were joined in the project by local artists including Robert “Rocko” Langton and his daughter Robyn.

Gert was particularly impressed by the work of one of the young artists, Antwone Alberts, who drew the picture of Mitta.

“It was a beautiful drawing. He spent such a long time with it. I could see how important it was for the community,” she said.

Gert said tracing the mural on the wall was a fun way to get all the children involved.

Everything about the project was voluntary … no one was paid, and all the paint was leftovers.

“The children really took ownership of it,” Bena said.

“It is a credit to Gert, the children and the local artists.”

And, amazingly, the whole project was completed in just five days!

[Photos: Gert Geyer & Lavinia Dynevor]

Antwone Alberts’ impressive drawing of the late Mitta Dynevor

Brisbane artist Gert Geyer offered to do a project with the community
A detail from the painting showing a bird sitting on a branch
The mural fills the back wall of the gym … as well as traditional totems, sporting equipment such as basketballs are also featured
Artist Gert Geyer with some of the people involved in the mural project
Mitta Dynevor’s portrait is a commanding presence in the centre of the mural

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  1. Julie Berry  June 16, 2021

    What a fabulous mural. A credit to all the talented artists involved. The South Burnett region would be a more attractive place if we had more of this type of art on display. Well done!


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