Yarding numbers stayed constant at the latest combined agents sale in Murgon on Tuesday, and so did prices for store cattle (Photo: Midge Thompson, Aussie Land & Livestock)
June 8, 2021

by Pratt Agencies

Agents yarded 650 for the latest fortnightly sale in Murgon on Tuesday (June 8).

Store cattle remained fully firm based on the quality of cattle yarded, but export cattle eased slightly compared to the last sale.

Cattle were drawn from Cooroy, Gayndah, Mt Perry, Biggenden, Kingaroy, Nanango, Kilkivan and the Murgon district.

Sale results:

  • Bulls sold to $3.10/kg and $2580
  • Bullocks topped at $3.64 for $2470
  • Heavy Cows over 500kg sold to $3.09/kg and $2200, averaging $2.88
  • Cows 400-500kg also sold to $3.08/kg for an average of $2.74
  • Lighter Cows under 400kg sold to $2.86
  • Export heifers topped at $3.77/kg and $2075
  • 500kg Murray Grey steers sold to $4.00/kg, returning $2020
  • Two tooth Droughtmaster steers from Redgate weighing 475kg sold for $1930 at $4.07/kg
  • Their four tooth brothers sold for $1930 and $3.80/kg
  • 443kg Charolais cross steers from Nanango sold at $4.14/kg for $1835
  • 470kg Santa cross steers from Byee sold for $4.08/kg, returning $1920
  • Droughtmaster steers from Nanango weighing 306kg sold to $4.72/kg to return $1445
  • 374kg Gelbvieh cross steers from Manyung sold for $1720 at $4.60/kg
  • Local 330kg Santa steers sold to $4.48/kg and $1480
  • Devon cross steers weighing 326kg sold for $1457 and $4.46/kg
  • Three pens of Droughtmaster/Charbray weaner steers from Johnstown sold for an average of $5.25/kg and $1244, topping at $1270
  • Light Angus weaner steers from Proston sold for $5.58/kg to return $1004
  • 410kg Santa cross heifers from Wondai sold for $1550 at $3.79/kg
  • 340kg Droughtmaster cross heifers from Proston sold for $1425 and $4.19/kg
  • Local Santa cross heifers weighing 370kg sold to $1480 at $4.00/kg
  • Droughtmaster cross heifers from Wondai also sold for $4.00/kg and $1366
  • Droughtmaster weaner heifers from Nanango sold for $1228 at $4.28/kg
  • Charbray weaner heifers from Johnstown sold to $5.24/kg and $1072
  • Droughtmaster weaner heifers sold for $4.68/kg, returning $1096
  • Brahman Cows and Calves sold to $2300

The next Murgon sale will be on Tuesday, June 22 at 8:00am.

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