Brian Tessmann
QDO president Brian Tessmann

June 1, 2021

Queensland Dairyfarmers Organisation (QDO) will receive $200,000 from the State Government towards a “smart collar” health management project.

QDO president Brian Tessmann said the Digital Transformation Grant would support a $646,880 digital herd monitoring project that will:

  • Provide financial assistance and support for 10 producers to implement the technology and establish producer demonstration sites where farmers can share learning and see the technology in action;
  • Deliver regional industry training workshops in the Darling Downs, Scenic Rim, Sunshine Coast, Burnett and Tablelands regions.

“This is a great advance in animal health and welfare for the dairy industry and a valuable tool for farmers as the technology monitors individual cows and the herd to provide health and reproduction alerts, allowing for the early detection of anything that may be making the animal uncomfortable,” Mr Tessmann said.

The “smart collars” will help dairy farmers monitor the health of their cattle.

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