The speed limit has been lowered on the western side of Hivesville township

May 25, 2021

The 60km/h speed zone in Hivesville has been extended after a review by Transport and Main Roads.

A Department spokesperson said the existing 60km/h speed limit on Wondai-Proston Road had been extended past the Gayndah-Hivesville Road intersection on the western side of Hivesville.

New “60km/h ahead” signs would be installed on both approaches to Hivesville.

TMR Southern Queensland Regional Director Kym Murphy said limits had been reviewed to improve motorist safety.

“The reviews look at several important factors including crash history, traffic volumes, types of vehicles using the road, the road’s geometry and its role on the road network,” Ms Murphy said.

“The findings were presented to the local Speed Management Committee, including representatives from Queensland Police Service, local government and Transport and Main Roads, which endorsed the reduced limits.”

Ms Murphy urged all motorists to look out for the new speed signs and adhere to the changed limits.

“We all have a role to play in road safety and these limits are the maximum safe speed in ideal conditions,” she said.

“Motorists should always drive to the conditions and reduce their speed in wet weather or other adverse conditions.”

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