Ben Stead came in second in the Street Stocks final at the Kingaroy Show speedway meeting but secured most points overall in the season-long Edge Automotive & Performance Street Stock series
South Burnett Speedway Club president Tanya Barron

May 7, 2021

The South Burnett Speedway Club has responded to criticism on social media of the Kingaroy Show’s decision to drop speedway from its 2022 program.

South Burnett National Show Society president / secretary Craig Lucas confirmed earlier this week a bull ride would be held on the Sunday night next year, replacing the speedway.

The announcement sparked criticism from a handful of people in social media groups who claimed they would never go to the Kingaroy Show again, as well as by animal rights activists who said a rodeo was “cruel”.

Speedway club president Tanya Barron said there had been a lot of support shown for the speedway club but there had also been a lot of negative responses and opinions expressed by the public on community chat pages.

“This decision was made and the speedway club was informed,” she said.

She said the club was disappointed as it had been a fixture on the Sunday night at the Kingaroy Show “for decades”.

“This is where the disappointment lies but we support the show society’s decision as a working partner of the facility,” Ms Barron said.

“The South Burnett Speedway Club and the South Burnett National Show Society have always had a wonderful working relationship. We hope this remains in the future.

“There has been a lot of speculation by a lot of people of how this relationship works. But I think some clarification is needed to correct a lot of people.

“When the speedway is on at the show, the speedway club only runs the speedway canteen and bar. We supply everything needed to run these. We also donate to the community groups that run these for the speedway. We have no other revenue from the show.” understands the show society pays the speedway club about $10,000 to cover the costs of holding the Sunday night event.

“We have competitors race at the show and, yes, the speedway club receives a sum to pay these drivers prize money,” Ms Barron said.

“These drivers/competitors are also providing entertainment at the show like any other entertainment that is at the show and I’m sure they are paid just like the speedway club for providing entertainment for all that attend to enjoy.

“We are an active organisation at the showgrounds.”

She said the speedway club looked after all the maintenance on the track fence, including painting; and mowing, spraying and weeding the spectator hill, infield and pit area.

“The upgraded ring lights you all enjoy watching events under were supplied by the speedway club. All of the fencing in and around the main ring was supplied and erected by the speedway club.

“When there is a speedway event on we pay a rental sum to the South Burnett National Show Society which was agreed upon in our mutual contract. The show society also mans the main entrance gate at a speedway meeting and receives a donation like the other community groups that help us run our events.

“When we have our monthly race meetings all of our canteens, bars and gates are operated by community groups from all over the district that receive a donation from the speedway club which then benefits those organisations and in return can operate within the community.

“When the speedway club holds a multi-day event it brings thousands of people to the district and a lot of those people camp at the showgrounds, which also brings in revenue for the showgrounds caravan park.

“When we have these multi-day events the economical and financial injection the whole district receives is enormous.

“We always leave the venue clean and tidy and pride ourselves on all the improvements and upkeep we have done.

“Even though there won’t be a speedway at the 2022 Kingaroy Show we have one of the biggest seasons planned for the 2021-22 season.

“We have seven meetings scheduled with three of them being multi-day events.

“Instead of focusing on the negatives, please concentrate on the positives of what next season will being to the area.

“We wish the South Burnett Show Society all the very best with the 2022 Kingaroy Show and look forward to working with them.”

Clinton Lawrence had a hot ride in the National 4s at the Show Speedway, retiring with an engine fire in Heat 2

* * *

Kingaroy Show Speedway Results

Production Sedans

1. Matthew Layton
2. Brett Barron
3. Josh Harm

Street Stocks

1. Robert Trapp
2. Ben Stead
3. Nathan Barbeler

Modified Sedans

1. Josh Harm
2. Kent Shelford
3. Jake Hawkins

National 4s

1. Brock Hancock
2. Bevan Burton
3. Brodie King

Junior Sedans – Top Stars

1. Jayden Hancock
2. Kurtis Peall
3. Bryce Bayfield

Junior Sedans – New Stars

1. Mitchell Bayfield
2. A.J. MacDonald
3. Cooper Flynn

Full Speedway Results are available online

* * *

As the Kingaroy Show meeting was the last event for the speedway club’s 2020-21 season, a couple of local competitions were also decided.

The Allstars Junior Sedan Series was run over five rounds with more than 40 competitors taking part.

Three drivers took part in all rounds of the Top Stars and two in all rounds of the New Stars.

Final point scores:

Top Stars
1. Jayden Hancock – 606 points
2. Kurtis Peall – 538 points
3. Mitch Wogandt – 224 points

New Stars
1. A.J. MacDonald – 555 points
2. Cooper Flynn – 354 points

The Edge Automotive & Performance Street Stock series was also decided.

Four of of the five scheduled rounds were completed. Eight drivers took part in all four rounds.

Final point scores:

1. Ben Stead – 456 points
2. Robert Trapp – 427 points
3. Nathan Barbeler – 414 points



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