Captain (AAC) Jenni Wilson, from 177 ACU Nanango, Deb Frecklington and Nanango RSL Sub-Branch president Chaz Kemp took the salute during the Nanango Anzac parade

May 7, 2021

I was honoured to attend four Anzac Day Services this year across the Nanango Electorate – Kilcoy Dawn Service, Yarraman Graveside Service, Nanango and Esk.

The following is an excerpt from my speech in Nanango:

Today marks the day in 1915 that the ANZACs – the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps –  landed at Gallipoli in Turkey. 

Today is one of our most important national occasions to remember the sacrifice of those men and women who served in the First World War – and the Diggers who have followed in their footsteps in conflicts around the world.

Anzac Day is a day for all Australians and New Zealanders, regardless of religion, race or place of birth. It is a day to celebrate those special qualities of courage, determination, and mateship, which we all hold so dear.

Importantly, Anzac Day is also a day for community.

Looking around the people gathered here today – our veterans, their families, our schoolchildren, the cadets, community groups, businesspeople, young people, visitors and many more. This is a day that brings us all together. It is a day when our spirit of national unity is rekindled.

We all come here today to reflect on our nation’s history, but it is also a day to look to our future. Our children represent this future and it is wonderful to see so many students and children here today. I think we have all seen the growth in the number of children attending Anzac Day.

Since I started attending the Nanango Service in 2011, it has been heart-warming to see so many young people proudly wearing their school uniforms, taking part in the services, paying their respects and carrying on the Anzac spirit.

This Anzac spirit exists in each of us, guiding us through the challenges ahead and reminding us to always strive to be worthy of the memory of those we honour today. Through their service, we have inherited a priceless freedom and a unique legacy. And while more than 100 years now separates us from the day our young men ran ashore at Gallipoli, we will not let them slip from our memories.

Lest We Forget.

* * *

Deb lays a red poppy on the grave of World War II flying officer Paul Tunn (Photo: Nanango Electorate Office)

Yarraman Graveside Service

The Anzac Day Yarraman Graveside Service has always been very special to me.

Each year it was an opportunity to chat with constituent Mr Paul Tunn and hear his stories. Mr Tunn fought in the skies above France and Germany in a Halifax bomber. He was part of a seven man crew in 158 Squadron which made their first operational flight just six days after D-Day to Amiens in northern France where they bombed a rail junction and marshalling yards.

He flew 36 sorties between June and November 1944, serving as a wireless operator in the Halifax crew.

Mr Tunn passed in November 2019, aged 97. Thank you Paul Tunn for being such a remarkable person and for always being so happy to share your memories.

And to all our returned veterans, thank you for all you have done while serving our country.

Deb with Karinya facility manager Liz Clark and Nanango RSL Sub-Branch president Chaz Kemp (Photo: Nanango Electorate Office)

* * *

Special Memorial For Karinya

A special new memorial has been installed at the Karinya Aged Care Facility in Nanango by the team at the Nanango RSL Sub-Branch.

It was a beautiful morning spent with the residents, staff and RSL members to unveil and dedicate the memorial.

It will provide a place for Karinya residents who can no longer attend services to host their very own.

Congratulations to the Nanango RSL Sub-Branch for this wonderful initiative.

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