FLASHBACK: Testing the course for the Dead Cow Gully ultramarathon which has now been cancelled (Photo: Nancy Jayde Photography)

March 29, 2021

The snap COVID lockdown in Brisbane has caught event organisers by surprise, with uncertainty now stalking many of the events which had been planned for this Easter weekend.

* * *

What we know so far:


The Dead Cow Gully Ultra-Marathon that was to be held at Runnymede on Easter Saturday.

Organisers announced on social media the lockdown in the Greater Brisbane area had forced them to make this decision because:

  • The uncertainty of whether there will be an extension to the three-day lockdown if case numbers increase
  • The majority of the runners are from the Greater Brisbane area where the lockdown is enforced
  • It would be irresponsible to hold the event under the cloud of community transmission in Brisbane
  • Local community unease of the potential threat of COVID-19 being transported to the area
  • By making an early decision, it allows participants and spectators to make alternative plans over Easter

* * *


The Easter Stampede at the Kingaroy Speedway is still going ahead on Easter Saturday and Sunday at this stage.

The South Burnett Speedway Club announced on social media that it was “waiting to see what happens over the next three days”.

“At this point in time we are proceeding with Saturday and Sunday night events. However, if the lockdown is extended, an update will be given in due time to what will happen with this event.”

UPDATE: Now cancelled

* * *

The Easter Running Festival at Maidenwell is also still going ahead at this stage.

Organiser Bruce Hargreaves says he lives outside Greater Brisbane and will be in Maidenwell on Tuesday to begin the set-up for the event.

“Assuming lockdown ends at midnight on Thursday, everybody should be able to get there on Friday or later,” he said.

“If lockdown extends beyond Thursday, we will jump that hurdle when we get to it.

“Currently, I have a request in with Queensland Health to see whether those who live on the Gold Coast can actually drive through Brisbane, providing they do not stop, or do they have to go the long way round through Boonah, Toowoomba, or maybe even Warwick.

“Fingers crossed.”

* * *

Kumbia Campdraft organisers have reached out to competitors to see if they are affected by the three-day lockdown “to assist us in making decisions on the impacts of holding the draft”.

* * *


  • Nanango Races on Easter Saturday
  • Maidenwell Bull Ride on Easter Sunday

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