Plenty sales director Simon Harrold with some of the rebranded products … the cold-pressed oils (except truffle) will now also be sold in larger bottles for everyday use

March 26, 2021

Shoppers may have spotted some new names on familiar products popping up on supermarket shelves during recent days … it’s all part of a major rebranding effort by a Kingaroy-based company.

The brand names “Proteco Oils”, “Pressed Purity” and “Purely Nutz” will be officially replaced with the one brand, “Plenty”, from next Thursday although some products have been released a little earlier.

Sales director Simon Harrold told the new name was “clean, fresh and says who we are”.

It also opens up “plenty” of opportunities for Proteco (which remains the official company name).

As well as the new name, the Plenty products feature re-designed labels that emphasise the fact the products are all-Australian (with an arrow pointing to Queensland!).

The move follows six months of extensive market and consumer research.

“You don’t make these types of decisions lightly,” Simon said.

“Plenty” aims to fill a gap in the market between generic and premium products, allowing it to connect to more foodies and families.

The bottle size for most of the cold-pressed oils has  been increased from 250ml – which the research showed consumers thought as “niche” – to 375ml which positions the products for everyday use.

“We have embarked on developing a new brand to maximise our opportunity with consumers,” managing director Josh Gadischke said.

“(It) will work to cross-sell between our products now and into the future, making it easy for anyone who loves our peanut butter to try our oils, or vice versa.”

Simon said work on the new factory – being constructed in Cornish Street, Kingaroy – was still on target to be completed later this year.

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