Olivia Almond met up with me outside Parliament House … Olivia plans to become an optometrist, and is the winner of the 2020 Year 12 School Leavers Nanango Electorate Bursary

March 8, 2021

I am delighted to announce that the winner of the Nanango Electorate 2020 Year 12 School Leaver’s Bursary, worth $1000, is Miss Olivia Almond, a graduate of Kingaroy State High School.

There was a very strong field of applicants representing Year 12 school leavers from each of the five high schools across the Electorate.

The calibre of students and their plans for further study were impressive, so it was a very difficult task choosing just one recipient.

Many thanks to Mr Keith Campbell, who assisted me with all the interviews.

Thanks to the benefits of Zoom technology, we were able to talk to each of the applicants, many of whom have already made the move away to start their various courses.

It was lovely to meet Olivia this week while I was down in Brisbane for Parliament.

Olivia is studying to become an optometrist and has begun her three-year Bachelor of Vision Science at QUT, Kelvin Grove campus, which will then be followed by a further two-year Master of Optometry course.

I found Olivia inspirational. She explained that she has wanted to become an optometrist and work in the health profession since she was in Grade 3 when she started to wear glasses.

I am so pleased that this Bursary will help her with the costs associated with moving from her home at Pimpimbudgee in the South Burnett to her new accommodation in Brisbane.

It is a big step for our young people when they head to the major centres for study, and the purpose of the Bursary is to help make that move for students and their families just that little bit more achievable.

Applications for the 2021 Deb Frecklington Nanango Electorate Year 12 School Leavers Bursary will open on October 5, 2021.

Former South Burnett Mayor Keith Campbell was kind enough to assist me with the Bursary interview process

* * *

KCCI vice-president Jacqui Trace, president Damien Martoo and secretary Paula Greenwood met up with me at the recent KCCI Meet ‘n’ Greet

Kingaroy Business Meet & Greet

Thank you to the Kingaroy Chamber of Commerce and Industry for allowing me to host their first meet and greet for 2021.

The KCCI is enthusiastic, progressive and evolving and it provides important support and information for our Kingaroy businesses.

I commend them on the announcement of their SMILE mental health initiative and for the work they continue to do to make Kingaroy such a great community.

* * *

Cherbourg Corporate Services manager Sam Murray, Deputy Mayor Tom Langton, Mayor Elvie Sandow and CEO Chatur Zala gave me a warm welcome on my recent visit to the community

Warm Welcome In Cherbourg

In February I was pleased to catch up with Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council.

It was an excellent opportunity to talk with Mayor Elvie Sandow, CEO Zala and their team to hear their plans to grow their community.

I have ensured my advocacy for these plans, as well as other issues such as police presence and tackling crime in Cherbourg.

* * *

The Kingaroy Transformation Project started right outside my office this month … but it’s still open!

Access To My Kingaroy Electorate Office

Construction for the Kingaroy Transformation Project continues in Alford Street, Kingaroy, but the footpaths are open and so are the businesses.

So if you’re planning to visit my office, please note that parking is available in the car park at the rear of the office.

[Photos: Nanango Electorate Office]

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