Manaia Fisher-Williams was enjoying some painting at the HIPPY Have-A-Go Day at Cherbourg on Thursday
Edward Aubrey, 4, was also having fun

February 19, 2021

You may have seen them recently at the Murgon Markets, outside Murgon IGA or at the Have-A-Go Day on Thursday at Cherbourg’s Ration Shed precinct … the team from HIPPY is very keen to get their message out.

They’re enrolling now!

So what is HIPPY? Co-ordinator Robyn Hofmeyr said HIPPY stands for “Home Interaction Program For Parents and Youngsters”.

It’s not a program for children, it’s a program for their families.

The two-year HIPPY program usually works with mothers, aunts or nans (although male relatives are also welcome, of course!).

Families join up when a child is aged three, turning four.

The aim is to inspire families to become their child’s first teacher.

Activity packs and peer-to-peer support helps the child transition towards and during their first year at school.

Robyn emphasised the basis of the program was having fun, to encourage a love of learning.

HIPPY families receive free HIPPY story books, activity packs and other materials as well as regular time with a HIPPY tutor.

And this is where the HIPPY program is extra special …

The tutors are four adults who have children in the HIPPY program. They receive special training to enable them to work with other families.

Robyn believes it is this peer-to-peer support which makes HIPPY so successful.

And although HIPPY is based in Cherbourg, it is not just for Indigenous children.

Most of the activities occur in the child’s home, wherever that is located …

Families with Health Care Cards are eligible and non-Indigenous children have been HIPPY kids.

Robyn is very keen to get more Murgon families enrolled.

HIPPY is funded by the Federal Government and the Brotherhood Of St Laurence.

For more information, contact Robyn on (07) 4168-3990 or The Ration Shed on (07) 4169-5753.

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Pop Maurice Mickelo was helping some of the youngsters with their artwork … he’s pictured with Rashida Cobbo (a happy HIPPY parent), tutor Tarlissa Watcho and co-ordinator Robyn Hofmeyr
Julie Benson, from Gundoo Early Childhood Centre, with Kyrie Saltner, 3

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