The proposed new Fair Go Dairy logo

December 18, 2020

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is proposing to authorise the Queensland Dairyfarmers’ Organisation’s proposed “Fair Go Dairy” licensing scheme for five years.

Under the scheme, the QDO will grant processors a licence to use the “Fair Go Dairy” logo on qualifying dairy products.

Qualifying dairy products must contain at least 80 per cent unprocessed milk that was produced by Queensland dairy cows and purchased from a Queensland dairy farmer for a price not less than a “sustainable and fair” price calculated by the QDO.

The ACCC’s preliminary view was that, on balance, the Fair Go Dairy Scheme was likely to result in some limited public benefits through small improvements in information and choice for consumers, and a small increase in retail competition in Queensland.

“The ACCC recognises that there are some consumers who want to know more about the dairy products they buy and how much dairy farmers were paid to produce them,” ACCC Deputy Chair Mick Keogh said.

“If the scheme is authorised, it could be useful for those consumers, if they understand what the Fair Go Dairy logo conveys.”

So far, none of the major milk processors in Queensland have indicated they will participate in the scheme, although several smaller processors have expressed interest.

The ACCC also considered whether any public detriments would arise from authorising the scheme.

“We have considered whether the logo is likely to mislead consumers, reduce competition, increase retail prices for dairy products or reduce the incentive for farms to innovate,” Mr Keogh said.

“We believe these outcomes are unlikely, although we are seeking further submissions from the public on possible harm that might arise from the scheme or the Fair Go Dairy logo.”

The ACCC has also granted interim authorisation to QDO to allow them to immediately commence negotiations with milk processors and undertake marketing and planning for their proposed “Fair Go Dairy” licensing scheme.

However, any resulting agreements cannot be signed or come into effect until the ACCC’s final determination.

The ACCC is seeking feedback on the impacts of the interim authorisation and the draft determination proposing to authorise the scheme for five years.

  • More information, including the draft determination, interim authorisation decision, and details on how to make a submission are available at online

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