November 18, 2020

South Burnett Regional Council has provided a $4000 grant to enable art to be added to the industrial bins in Bunya Avenue on the Bunya Mountains.

The Bunya Mountains Community Association Inc (BMCAI) said Indigenous artists would be invited to display their stories in art form on the bins.

A similar grant application has been submitted to the Western Downs Regional Council in bid to get the bins at Fishers Lookout also painted. The outcome of this grant application won’t be known until February.

The Bunya Avenue bins will be painted after the SBRC installs new, larger units.

* * *

Three heritage-style benches will be erected in adjacent to the new footpath on Bunya Avenue.  

The funding for these seats was provided by Stanwell/ Tarong/ Meandu Mine and the South Burnett Regional Council will install the seats.

* * *

Construction of the mountain bike trail in Russell Park is expected to begin in February.

WDRC has engaged Bligh Tanner as the design consultant to carry out the civil engineering, trail and landscape design work and environmental, ecological and cultural heritage surveys.

* * *

The SBRC has ordered four new picnic tables for Allan Stirling Memorial Park.

The BMCAI said trees have been identified and these names forwarded to Bunya Peoples Aboriginal Corporation to provide the Wakka Wakka names and uses of the identified trees.

Each tree sign will include the common name, botanical name, Wakka Wakka name, Indigenous use and European use.

A working bee was held in the park recently to create a walking track near the identified trees, clean up the main walkway which runs diagonally across the park from Bunya Avenue to Bunya Mountains Road; place marker pegs between the survey pegs to clearly delineate the boundary of the National Park; tidy up the Yarning Circle and clear away a small fallen tree near the bins at the entrance to the park.

* * *

BMCAI members have requested signs be erected to warn visitors not to approach and/or feed dingoes.

There are reports that dingoes are becoming increasingly familiar with humans and roaming freely in the residential areas.

QPWS has been advised of the issue, SBRC and WDRC councils have been approached for signs to be erected in public areas, and local body corporates have also been advised of the issue.

WDRC will install signs in park areas on the Western Downs side of Bunya Mountains Road and will be investigating and discussing with QPWS and Biosecurity about whether further control measures are required to ensure the safety of residents and visitors.
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