Cherbourg Council CEO Chatur Zala, Refund Point Manager Christine Beresford, Cherbourg Council Economic Development Manager Sean Nicholson, South Burnett Cr Kathy Duff, COEX safety officer Kristine Braddock, Cherbourg Mayor Elvie Sandow and South Burnett Mayor Brett Otto with some of the donated cans and bottles

November 4, 2020

The “Pinking Up the South Burnett” promotion to promote the McGrath Foundation received a helping hand earlier this week through the generosity of local residents’ efforts to recycle.

People dropping off cans and bottles to Cherbourg Council’s Containers For Change refund point in Kingaroy were given the opportunity of donating their cans and bottles to the fundraiser, which supports breast care nurses.

The final count was made on Monday: 809 glass bottles, 1342 aluminium cans, 737 PET clear bottles, 67 PET coloured bottles, 37 HDPE bottles and 42 liquid paperboard containers.

This means just over $300 was raised!

Cherbourg mayor Elvie Sandow joined South Burnett mayor Brett Otto and “Pinking Up The South Burnett” champion Cr Kathy Duff for the count.

The Containers For Change depot, which was recently featured in the statewide COEX Change Makers Awards, is on the verge of expanding its premises on the corner of Kingaroy and Cornish streets to provide more space for the operation.

Cherbourg Council CEO Chatur Zala said the refund point had been a great success: “a real business, creating real jobs and changing the mindset of people”.

Manager Chrissie Beresford did the actual counting!
Cr Kathy Duff, Mayor Elvie Sandow and Mayor Brett Otto promoting the fundraiser on Monday

* * *

A swathe of Pinking Up activities occurred in other South Burnett towns during October – including a special dinner at Proston Golf Club which raised an amazing $854.50!

Tuesday’s Kumbia Races were awash in pink, while pink also appeared on the Proston Men’s Shed, the Golden Spurs Hotel and in shop windows in every town.

The Hivesville Progress Association added a bit of pink to Anzac Park, junior cricketers turned out in pink on Saturday, and a dash of pink was even added to the Nanango Pie Van and Boondooma Homestead.

Yarraman businesses went all out, with pink appearing throughout the town.

Another $500 was raised from RSL Kingaroy, $200 from the Nanango music group, and $550 from RSL Nanango Ladies Auxiliary.

South Burnett McGrath Foundation breast care nurse Sue Cox was a special guest at the Kumbia Races where she thanked everyone for their support during the month of activities.

She said she was happy to see flashes of pink everywhere she went.

Sue also reminded women that Queensland Health’s Breast Screening Bus would be in Kingaroy during November, December and January.

Appointments can be made by phoning 13-20-50.

* * *

Donations to the McGrath Foundation can be made to: 

Direct deposit to: McGrath Foundation Ltd, BSB 062 000, account number 13891910. The reference to be recorded for the South Burnett is PUYT00012969.

Payments by cheque can be made by writing the reference number on the back of the cheque and posting it to the McGrath Foundation, PO Box 611, North Sydney, NSW, 2059.

Donations can also be made online on the McGrath Foundation website: Yarraman or South Burnett


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