Current Australian champion Joel Berkley racing in the Production Sedans at Kingaroy earlier this month

October 29, 2020

Kingaroy Speedway will miss out on hosting the Production Sedans National Title at Easter after a decision by Speedway Sedans Australia to postpone all Australian titles.

A statement from the association this week said five 2020-21 SSA National Titles had been postponed “due to the ongoing uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 restrictions around the country at present”.

“With no definitive timetable with regards to the easing of all borders, crowds and additional imposed restrictions in different jurisdictions, Speedway Sedans Australia in conjunction with the host venues of this season’s National Titles have decided to postpone the hosting of those events until the 2021-22 season,” the statement said.

SSA CEO Greg Lynd said the decision had been made “with regret”.

“With border restrictions and social distancing requirements continuing to be an ongoing feature of everyday life in Australia at present due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, as an organisation we believe it is in everyone’s best interests to not push forward with our five National Titles for this season,” Mr Lynd said.

“The greatest of opportunities must be available for all competitors, spectators and those respective venues in attending and hosting a National Title, with the current situations and what potentially and hypothetically lies ahead has indeed cast the biggest shadow for all involved and across the success of all National Titles.

“In light of this decision, we can announce that the host venues for the 2020-21 season will be moved into the following year with the dates for those National Titles to be confirmed in consultation with all relevant parties.”

The other SSA National Titles postponed are Junior Sedans (which was to be raced in Canberra); Street Stocks (Bunbury, WA);  Modified Sedans (Moama, NSW); and Super Sedans (Latrobe, Tasmania).

* * * 

The next speedway meeting to be run in Kingaroy will be the “Spring Spectacular” on November 7.

The highlight will be the running of the Queensland Title in the AMCA Nationals.

Also on the event list will be Production Sedans, Modifieds, Street Stocks and Junior Sedans.

FLASHBACK: Tim Reidy in action in the AMCAR Nationals at the Kingaroy Speedway

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