September 3, 2020

Planned burns will be happening in the Benarkin State Forest from September 4-6.

A Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service said the burns were part of the annual hazard reduction-conservation management program for parks and forests.

As a result, smoke may be seen in the Blackbutt and Benarkin areas.

“The aim of this burn is to reduce the volume of forest fuels and to create a mosaic pattern of burnt and unburnt areas,” the spokesperson said.

“This will help reduce the intensity of any subsequent wildfires, and provide favourable conditions for natural forest regeneration.

“Smoke can decrease visibility on the roads, so it is important that motorists drive safely to the conditions.

“If suffering from a respiratory condition, close windows and doors, and keep medications close by.”

For more information, contact the Kingaroy QPWS office on 0417-705-364 or (07) 4182-1880.

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2 Responses to "Planned Burns At Benarkin"

  1. Bouncer  September 3, 2020

    I’d heard that all burns being done by Rural Fire Brigades were suspended again due to the latest COVID-19 restrictions. Seems strange that this one can go ahead.

    • News Desk  September 3, 2020

      This planned burn is being done by QPWS employees.


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