Dr Giovanni Di Lieto (Photo: Monash Uni)
August 19, 2020

A Monash University lecturer claims Chinese allegations that Australia has been “dumping” cheap wine is payback for past actions.

And he predicts Australian dairy exports could be the next target in their sights.

Dr Giovanni Di Lieto, lecturer in International Business and Economics at the Monash Business School, said Australia “notoriously” was one of the most active countries in pursuing anti-dumping actions, “not only against China but also against other countries in the World Trade Organisation system”.

“There are geopolitical issues between the two nations and the Chinese see this as payback for past commercial transgressions,” Dr Di Lieto said.

“China is selecting with surgical precision various industries and sectors that can harm the Australian economy without causing too much disruption to their own economy.

“We’ve seen that with tariffs on Australia’s barley exports in recent months.

“Probably the next item on the agenda for the Chinese government to target is Australia’s dairy industry.

“On the other hand, iron ore exports are going better than ever before.

“This is a message to Australian industry that they must look to diversify their export markets in order to provide a buffer against any political turbulence like Australia is experiencing with China at the present time.”

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