Pat and Alan Eagleson, from Mon-Dee Coffee 2 Go, were a popular spot on a chilly Saturday morning
Dennis and Ken Stolzenberg (the Stolzies) were providing some live music

May 25, 2020

It was more than a little chilly but patrons at Wondai’s markets were keen to enjoy a small return to “almost-normal” life on Saturday morning.

The dozen stalls that booked in were spaced around Coronation Park, ensuring shoppers were practising safe social-distancing.

And hand sanitiser was offered at the main entrance to the park.

Volunteers from the Wooroolin QCWA were serving up hot soup, tea and coffee, toasted sandwiches, scones and cupcakes from inside The Studio to eager visitors keen to warm up.

On stage – a long way away from the main action – popular local duo the Stolzies were providing some live entertainment.

The Wondai Markets are organised by volunteers from the Wondai Art Gallery and curator Elaine Madill had admitted earlier she was not sure how many stalls and shoppers would turn up on Saturday.

However, she was pleased with the dozen stalls which arrived and she believed there would be even more in attendance next month.

* * *

Marketgoers will be happy to hear that the Bunya Mountain Markets will also be returning soon.

These markets will run from 9:00am to 2:00pm on Sunday, June 28.

Poppies Café will also be doing takeaway food (only for market day).

Wondai Art Gallery’s Michelle Smith, Karen Chambers and Elaine Madill seemed pleased with the roll-up for the first post-shutdown markets
The McGregor family usually has a stall at the Wondai Markets but this week they just decided to come along to check out the atmosphere … they’ll be back next month! Rob (with ‘Rosie’) and Ann, from Proston; and Sue (with ‘Ella’), from the Sunshine Coast
Henry and Jenny Seears, from Nanango, were checking out the jams and chutneys being sold by David Murray, left
Janice Jamieson and Noela Wingfield, from Wooroolin QCWA, with Raymond Johnson, Wondai
Jan and Geoff Broome, from Tingoora, were rugged up against the cold
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Downer Position Vacant - click here

8 Responses to "Chilly Return To Almost-Normal Life"

  1. Disgruntled  June 1, 2020

    These markets were the first time in a very long time that the attendees could turn out without feeling guilty and it surely must have done a whole lot of good for the mental feelings of most that turned up.

    A huge shout out of appreciation needs to be given to the people planning and organising the event as well as keeping going on with the markets in spite of all the vile opposition that appeared; especially the quite inane rant that appeared in the “related article” news article.

    The rant really showed that some people just do not have a clue and do not know what is going on as we all progress during the COVID lockdown and are intent on causing as much fear with their dire predictions that they possibly can.

    My observations around this town are that the residents are doing all the “socially responsible” things needed to combat the arrival of COVID and so far it all has worked very well indeed. And the markets were organised and run very well indeed with their well-spaced displays; not too many but more than enough to make the event a success and high praise should be given to the stall holders for being there in spite of apparent opposition to the markets being on. Goes to show; there are still a lot of decent people around us keen to make other people’s lives just that little bit better!

    A real big shout out for the Stolzie boys, too; they are always there come hell or high-water and the markets would definitely not be the markets without them; and they do really provide real good entertainment of a type that most locals like to listen to. well at least me anyway!

    The Wooroolin QCWA ladies tucker was great, too; I did not even know that they were in the gallery and appears they have been there for a long while; the tucker was so good that I will be back next markets.

    One static stall I was expecting but did not see was one for the Division 6 new Councillor. One thing mentioned over and over prior to the election was consultation, communication and connection with the residents. It did not happen and has not happened and the markets would have been the ideal place to do what is needed to become an effective councillor for all. Especially as the Councillor lives as far away from Wondai as one can possibly get in this division and Wondai has the highest population of any area in Div 6. Perhaps he doesn’t care all that much for Wondai? Gee, even the retired councillor was there for a good yarn! Great!!

    Anyway, good markets and I am looking forward to the next time; COVID allowing?

  2. Bill Weir  June 2, 2020

    Not quite such an “inane” rant after all: according to a poll conducted on the weekend, almost 4 in 5 Queenslanders and roughly 75% of all Australians support border closures.

    That’s a big slap in the face for the Murdoch media and Sky News which have been pushing to have them reopened. But since they probably won’t be reporting it, here’s where the story appears:

  3. Disappointed  June 4, 2020

    Disgruntled, the only thing I agree on with is the new Councillor for Division 6 spruiked he was going to be a Strong Voice throughout the election campaign yet he’s a no show. Where is he? Where’s his strong voice? What is he doing? We haven’t seen him around Wondai and one would have thought by now he would be keen as mustard to meet the locals. Then again he did only get voted in by a whisker and the majority of votes probably didn’t come from Wondai so he’s hiding out on the other side of the Division. What a disappointment!

  4. Disgruntled  June 4, 2020

    Hi Disappointed. Thanks for not going feral about my markets post as a couple of others had, I appreciate that!

    Now could you please explain where I was wrong as I did think that they were run in a very professional and very safe way; much better than some outlets that I have seen elsewhere and also outdoors is definitely much safer than behind walls where there is very limited movement of any air. I take it that you do go to the shops etc. as everyone around these parts seems to do and really there is no difference.

    The markets were open air with a fair breeze blowing and if there was a COVID around he wouldn’t of had a chance to infect unless the carrier was way up very close; very close indeed; and had a huge sneeze in the recipient’s face, and that just was not going to happen. And if someone were stupid enough to try that stunt that person would have quickly perished, and not from COVID!

    Now the Div 6 Cr.

    You will note that I said “static stall”. That’s where the displayer stays stationary and be it a 100 tent or a seat and a few signs; it is still stationary and the people in attendence will find it. Wander around and you will see the stalls but if everyone is going the same way; not many people will be seen and I would have thought the main object would be to see as many people as possible in the best way possible.

    He was in fact there and I saw him go by on the footpath at a distance. At that time I was too busy to chase after him and when I was free he had disappeared. I did think a casual walk by was not appropiate for the occasion and as I had been around the displays twice and I am just too old to go again on the off chance that I may or may not find him I then went home. He has, in fact, since contacted me (not happy) and I had to point out that a static display was the only sensible and proper way to meet the people.

    I can definitely assure you all that he WILL be there next time with every bell and whistle and anything else he can muster and he did assure me that he really wants to become well-known and liked and appreciated in Wondai! He is the councillor, he is getting paid well and he is gonna hafta perform! He has a big job if front of him and so far he has been dragging the chain a little. He can only get better and I think he will after he settles down and concentrates properly on what he does need to do!

    By the way, he is an animal liker with a small herd of cute dachshunds; they really are a nice bunch. Hope he brings them along as the dogs will introduce him well to the ladies at least. (Then again; handling more than one dog at the markets could be difficult as there are quite a few others around and a dog snarl is embarrassing)

    Another memory of councillors was Cheryl Dalton’s contact with the community. Every time she was in town she put out a sign at each end of the main street so people would know she was around. Good move Cheryl; and something for you to think about too, Scott.

  5. Peanutchipper  June 4, 2020

    Hey Disgruntled. Disagreeing with you is NOT “going feral”. It’s just disagreeing with your opinion.

    That does not make me uncivilized, unwashed, badly clad, homeless, drug-addicted, poorly educated or whatever your view of “ferals” is.

    Everyone is entitled to an opinion, including me.

  6. Disgruntled  June 5, 2020

    Ooh gee, Peanut; lighten up a bit mate. I was only using a manner of speech and at no time did I mean to call you a “feral” and you can have any opinion that you think that you need to have; of course you can and rightfully so; that’s the democratic right of us all and that right should not be taken from us; ever!

    If anything, I was thinking of the media that you seem to hate as per your comment on 20th May. Your comment nearly gets me thinking that you would favour the likes of Media Watch and Q & A and the other ideologistic propaganda-spewing ABC programs and news contents. If you shun the Courier and Sky you are really missing out on “reality” and even this site we are on at present always offers real balanced content; so perhaps you might should take the advice of Pensioner Pete on May 30.

    Note. The early predictions by the “specialist advisory fright givers” were for 105,000 Australians to die and only 107 have now passed on. And last year 900 people in Australia died of the common, ordinary everyday flu. It is now time to move on with care; and real care needs to be used. The numbers of the CCP Wuhan flu is at present as low as it will ever be. It will not die out and we do need to manage what we have.

    Instead of carrying on; what more do you suggest be done now?

    I do worry that what is going on now is going to eradicate many more people through mental illnesses brought on by some of the controls everyone is subject to (did you read the Cherbourg concerns reported?). Already there are many SMALL businesses wiped totally out with many more yet to come. Our Qld Govt really does need to NOW get going and do something positive otherwise a lot of our great State is gone down the gurgler.

  7. Disappointed  June 6, 2020

    Disgruntled I don’t agree with every opinion you have and that have doesn’t mean I have to share mine or give a reason. I think the Premier has stayed strong and done the best job to her ability under extreme and very difficult conditions. Not everyone agrees with her decisions on the border but that’s why we have the right to express different opinions.

    • News Desk  June 8, 2020

      Comments on this report are now closed.


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