Wondai Markets
The Wondai Markets … stallholders have been eager to get the markets under way again

May 19, 2020

It’s a small step along the pathway back to normal life … but the Wondai Markets say they will be back in action this weekend!

Market organiser Elaine Madill – from the Wondai Art Gallery – told southburnett.com.au the markets would run from 7:00am to 11:30am this Saturday in Coronation Park.

“There will be fruit and vegetables for sale, takeaway coffees and other stalls,” she said.

She said stallholders had been phoning her asking when the markets could return, so she had contacted the Premier’s office.

“They said markets had never been told to stop,” Elaine said.

She did not know how many people would come along – as many local residents were still wary – but she said patrons would have to maintain social distancing.

“Somebody’s going to have to start somewhere,” she said.

Any stallholders who would like to book a spot have been invited to phone the Wondai Art Gallery on (07) 4168-5926 and leave a message.

“We will check the messages every day as the Gallery is still closed,” Elaine said.

The Nanango markets have been officially cancelled for both June and July.

* * *

No decision has been made yet on the fate of the Wondai Country Running Festival which was originally going to be held on June 27-28.

Organisers said that under Queensland Stage 3 restrictions, the festival might be able to go ahead on the new dates of July 25-26.

“No decision yet but we are exploring this option,” organisers said.

“If we do go ahead we will allocate runners to ‘pens’ so we have no more than 20 starting at any one time and will be following all the guidelines to ensure the safety of us all.”

* * *

The Waterhole Rocks rock’n’roll festival at Nanango Showgrounds – October 15-18 – has also not been cancelled.

Organisers said this week that they were assessing the situation.

“We hope to have a decision soon regarding whether the event will be cancelled or not. Thanks for your patience.”

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3 Responses to "Wondai Markets Ready For Action"

  1. Disgruntled  May 20, 2020

    Great news! Just a small step towards feeling a bit normal again.

    Hope Qld’s silly C H O doesn’t hear of this as she will probably try to scare the people by keeping it shut; same as our borders; same as our schools.

    It has got to the stage where the economic fallout of Covid and all the other associated happenings will cause many more deaths than the virus itself.

  2. Peanut Chipper  May 20, 2020

    I’m sorry, Disgruntled, but if anyone thinks we’re out of the woods with this pandemic, they’re kidding themselves. We have been very, very lucky in Queensland that we have not been hit like NSW and Victoria.

    Australia could have suffered the level of deaths which occurred in England, the USA, Italy, Spain, France, Brazil etc etc

    Queensland’s Chief Health Officer is not “silly”. She should be congratulated for carefully guiding us through this crisis. Likewise, Prime Minister ScoMo, his advisers and the National Cabinet should also be thanked for their careful deliberations. They have saved lives.

    Imagine this … one asymptomatic infected person travels up from Brisbane for the Wondai markets (ignoring the 150km limit), chats to a local stallholder for a few minutes and then 10 people die over the next few weeks at Forestview.

    There’s been a lot of people pushing for the reopening of the Queensland border and for restrictions to be lifted. Some of these simply don’t care if old people die and some have very weird warped political ideas.

    There are also quite a few businesses who are upset their large profit margins are being affected. Sadly, when they pull the strings, politicians, SkyNews and the Courier-Mail just salute and fall in line. That’s why you’re reading a lot now about the need for the border to reopen.

  3. Pensioner Pete  May 31, 2020

    Peanut: Do this, ingest a bex, have a cuppa tea followed by a nice lie down. Then, rationalise why it is, the Australian Government’s own health website shows statistics clearly demonstrating seasonal influenza has last year, over 300,000 identified infections along with hundreds upon hundreds of deaths despite being vaccinated. These are the government’s own statistics.

    Then compare this with the Chinese Wuhan Virus and tell us how they both compare in the seriousness of the situation we are suffering from this lockdown. There is no comparison. One is ignored whilst the other has caused mayhem with our economy including the destruction of businesses, job losses, suicides and all that comes with this complete over-reaction and power play by, in this case, the Queensland Government.


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