Ergon has updated its Safety Heroes course for primary school children to allow easy home delivery by parents during the COVID-19 lockdown (Photo: Ergon)

April 24, 2020

Ergon Energy has modified its popular Safety Heroes program for easy home delivery by parents and caregivers during the COVID-19 lockdown.

General Manager Michael Dart said most Queensland schools rolled out Safety Heroes every year.

The program teaches primary school students about electrical safety in an easy-to-learn and engaging short course.

“This program can save a child’s life by providing them electrical safety life skills in an easy-to-deliver format for any parent or caregiver,” Mr Dart said.

“It runs in 95 per cent of Queensland schools and uses three fun superhero-style characters to teach youngsters about electricity, as well as its dangers in the home and in their neighbourhood.

“In light of the coronavirus restrictions, we have put the entire teaching resource pack online at, making it easy for anyone with internet access to work through the program with children.

“The Ergon Energy Facebook page also has a great instructional short video in the #Heroesathome post.”

Mr Dart said the Safety Heroes program was vital because children were exposed to electricity more than ever before.

“Even before they’re at school most children have direct contact with electrical appliances, ranging from smart phones to gaming consoles,” he said.

“Most know how to plug them in, but they’re often not fully aware of the associated dangers they could face when dealing with electrical goods.

“This course highlights the pitfalls and how to avoid them, making it information that could not only save their life, but that of a friend or family member.”

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