April 3, 2020

Ergon Energy has launched a free SMS notification service to keep customers informed about power outages – whether it’s an emergency outage or for critical network maintenance.

“SMS notifications are a more direct way to keep customers informed when there are outages in their area,” spokesperson Cloe Kernick said.

“You can now subscribe for SMS and email notifications for a range of services at ergon.com.au/selfservice and starting this week we’ll be sending out text messages inviting customers to subscribe.”

Customers will receive a text message about unplanned outages with a link to information on Ergon’s website which is updated when crews know more about the cause and estimated fix time.

“You’ll also receive a text message when the power at your property has been restored,” Ms Kernick said.

“We understand that many people use their mobile phones to plan their lives these days – our new SMS service recognises that and empowers customers with information to make decisions.”

In the coming months, SMS notifications will also be available for planned outages, which are necessary to allow crews to work safely on the electricity network when they are doing routine maintenance, replacing equipment and upgrading poles and wires.

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