March 30, 2020

All Sunwater and Seqwater recreation areas, lakes and weirs will be closed to the public from Tuesday, March 31.

This includes day trips, camping, land and water-based activities and the use of facilities such as toilets, play equipment and barbecue areas.

Natural Resources Minister Dr Anthony Lynham said Seqwater would be working with police to carry out patrols at its recreation areas to enforce the closure directive.

“Queensland police now have the option to issue on-the-spot fines for breaches of the Chief Health Officer’s directions to support community efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19,” Dr Lynham said.

The State Government also announced on Monday that fossicking was another activity that needed to stop to support social distancing.

Fossicking areas include the western Queensland opal fields and the central Queensland gemfields.

Dr Lynham urged organisations operating campgrounds, local governments and landholders in fossicking areas to institute the controls.

“Fossicking can still occur on private land with the permission of the landholder, keeping in mind the requirement for appropriate social distancing measures,” he said.

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