March 30, 2020

National lobby group GetUp! has called for the nationalisation of private hospitals in the wake of warnings by some they may have to close due to bans on elective surgery.

GetUp! claims 600 nurses were stood down on Friday across Australia.

“On Saturday they threatened widespread hospital closures, and 100,000 further job losses unless the government handed them a cash bailout,” the lobby group said.

“If the private health industry can’t guarantee public healthcare, and secure jobs for their staff, they need to be immediately nationalised.

“We need every health worker to be deployed as part of a nationally co-ordinated fight against coronavirus.”

The lobby group has begun an online petition in support of its demands.

“Around the world, countries like Spain and Ireland have already made the decision to nationalise their private hospitals,”  the group said.

“Governments can ensure that our nurses and doctors are securely employed, while prioritising healthcare delivery for those who need it most.

“If private corporations won’t guarantee the healthcare we need, we must immediately nationalise private health assets to keep people alive.

“Public health belongs in public hands!”

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