Nanango Kindergarten has a welcoming new look for children and their parents
(Photo: Nanango Kindy)

March 2, 2020

Nanango & District Kindergarten reckons its new front entrance looks amazing.

The kindy installed a new concrete path recently, replacing a well-worn track trodden since 1963 which had become difficult for prams and wheelchairs to negotiate.

“With the generous sponsorship from Heritage Bank Nanango we were able to install an enticing winding entrance path to welcome our families and children,” a kindy spokesperson said.

“The front of our kindergarten is the main play area for our three to five-year-old children so to have this dedicated path and see the lawn come to life is great to have.

“Last year the kindergarten children discussed the idea of the footpath with their director Lauren Arrell.

“Questions were asked like: ‘How can we make it easier for Mum and Dad to walk you to kindy and push your baby brother or sister in their prams to the front door?’.

“The children instantly took on ownership of the project and started to draw ideas and maps with winding tracks and areas for vegetable gardens, a Bee Hotel, a Frog Habitat and lined with flowering fruit trees.

“All the children were involved in the planning process.”

Sam, 4, said the footpath would mean he would be able to bring his toy trucks from the sandpit to the mudpit

“It will also help the mums and dads push the prams in with the babies,” Sam said.

The kindy spokesperson said the children continued to plan where they would like a footpath installed.

They realised it needed to start at the front gate, where the big butterfly was, and continue to wind around the rubber soft fall of the fort area and be wide enough for prams to make it wheelchair and walker friendly.

“It is a wonderful example of how capable and competent three to five-year-olds can be with initiating change to improve their outdoor learning environment, be active citizens and care for others in the community,”  Lauren said.

Kindy president Hayley Adams said she could not put a value on how much she appreciated the support Heritage Bank had provided the not-for-profit community kindergarten.

“The kindy footpath project has provided the children with amazing opportunities to engage in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics),” Hayley said.

“Mrs Arrell, along with the help from families, has grown a beautiful garden and lawn in the surrounds of our new path. It has a real cottage feel.

“It is great to see the children skip along the winding path in the morning and afternoon, stopping to take in the flowers growing or see what has popped up in the vegie garden.”

The new pathway winds around the softfall playground area  (Photo: Nanango Kindy)

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