Senator Matt Canavan

February 3, 2020

Queensland Senator Matt Canavan has thrown his weight behind a push for a leadership change in the National Party.

On Monday evening, the Minister for Resources and Northern Australia offered his resignation from Cabinet to party leader, Deputy PM Michael McCormack.

“I do so because I have come to the view that we need change in the Nationals party leadership to effectively fight for regional Australia,” Senator Canavan said.

“Given that, it is appropriate that I stand down from the Cabinet.

“I thank the Deputy Prime Minister for allowing me to serve in the Cabinet. The Coalition has achieved a lot and will continue to deliver for all Australians.

“However, it is my view that forthright leadership from the Nationals party is needed more than ever.

“A worker in a coal mine, a cane farming family and Indigenous Australians who just want to develop their own land, are all having their interests threatened by a radical agenda that seeks to shut down Australia’s wealth-producing industries.

“More than ever, the Nationals party must be strong in defence of our people’s livelihoods and the future opportunities for their children.”

Earlier on Monday, Member for Wide Bay Llew O’Brien announced plans to move a motion to spill the leadership at Tuesday morning’s meeting.

And on Monday morning, former National Party Leader Barnaby Joyce told ABC RN that if a spill did occur, he would stand for the top job.

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One Response to "Senator Quits Cabinet Over Spill"

  1. Pollie Watcher  February 4, 2020

    Good on him, Canavan is really good value as a decent politician and Australia needs him! Also good on O’Brien for apparently getting the ball rolling.

    Barnaby has “baggage” but he has ability and the “cut through” which is more important and the lefties try to hate him with a passion, hey that means he is good eh!!

    What remains now is a refresh of the Qld party leadership, urgently!


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