Jenny Gregg with the “thank you” scrapbook folder made by Nanango State School pupils a decade ago which she now treasures

November 27, 2019

Most people in the South Burnett wouldn’t recognise her name … but Jenny Gregg has touched the lives of thousands of local residents.

Jenny is the Executive General Manager Business Services for Stanwell Corporation based in Brisbane, but she also wears another hat as the chair of the Tarong Community Partnership Fund.

This fund has helped not-for-profit groups and community organisations from one end of the South Burnett to another, distributing close to $2 million over the past 10 years.

Jenny and her community-based committee members receive and assess the applications that are put forward to Stanwell.

“It is my favourite part of my job, getting involved with the most amazing community organisations doing fantastic work,” Jenny said.

“I’ve been able to observe firsthand what they are doing in the community.”

A special morning tea was held at Mulanah Gardens on Tuesday to thank Jenny for her work with the Tarong Community Partnership Fund and to wish her well in her upcoming retirement.

Past and present committee members joined with representatives from various community groups to congratulate her.

Jenny brought along a special memento to show her colleagues: a large craft folder made by students from Nanango State School in about 2009 as a “thank you” for play equipment installed at the school.

Getting a little emotional, Jenny said every time she looks at the pages and photos she wonders what those children are doing now …

Another memento she has treasured is a huge painting done by students at Cherbourg State School, which is now hanging in the Stanwell office in Brisbane.

Projects that she is particularly proud of include the pallet kiln and laundry erected by South Burnett CTC at The Gumnut Place in Murgon; and the expansion of Endeavour’s Kingaroy Kitchen.

She said CTC and Endeavour had created fantastic employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

Jenny said some of the other big projects that sprang to mind included the recycling facility at Cherbourg and the Meals On Wheels kitchen in Kingaroy; but smaller projects were also memorable, including the refurbishment of aged care units in James Street, Kingaroy; the Murgon Dairy Museum’s “shed”, the Murgon Junior Rugby League’s dressing shed and the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail platform in Station Park at Yarraman.

She said the Tarong Community Partnership Fund contributed a small amount of help to people who had already invested a huge amount in the community.

“Sometimes people need just a little bit of help to go to the next stage,” she said.

Jenny’s retirement looks set to be busy, and she’s keen to continue helping people wherever she can.

“I have signed up to the Ready Reading program in schools and I’m looking at a whole lot of different volunteer activities, maybe on some community boards,” she said.

“I am retiring from the paid workforce but will be joining the volunteer workforce, and I’m really looking forward to it!”

But Jenny is also sad to be leaving Stanwell.

“I have never worked anywhere where the heart and soul of the organisation is so good, it’s pretty special, really,” she said.

Fans of the Tarong Community Partnership Fund need not fear the program will disappear with Jenny’s departure; Stanwell’s current General Manager People and Culture, Sophie Naughton, will be slipping into the role when Jenny leaves.

Kirstie Schumacher (Stanwell), South Burnett Care CEO Cheryl Dalton and Sophie Naughton (Stanwell) who will be taking over Jenny’s role
South Burnett Care assets manager Ron Reeve and Stanwell community relations manager John Carey who organised the morning tea as part of jenny’s farewell
Stanwell marketing and communications adviser Jessica Powell with Kingaroy businessman and Tarong Community Partnership Fund committee member Ken Mills
Tarong Community Partnerships Fund committee member Liz Caffery, from Nanango, with Stanwell marketing and communications co-ordinator Karen Wall
Tom and Helene Johnson, from the Yarraman And District Historical Society … the Tarong fund helped provide new steps at Heritage House and re-paint the main building
Cr Gavin Jones, standing in for Mayor Keith Campbell, thanked Jenny Gregg for her assistance in the South Burnett … Cr Jones is pictured with Robin Schloss, Nanango; and recently appointed Stanwell General Manager Mining Jacob Orbell
Jacob Orbell and John Carey present Jenny Gregg with two “thank you” bromeliads … guests learned that Jenny has a thing about bromeliads (and chooks)
The crowd which gathered at Mulanah Gardens on Tuesday to thank Jenny Gregg, centre

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3 Responses to "South Burnett Says Thank You!"

  1. It has indeed been a great pleasure to work with Jenny as the longest serving volunteer community advisor on the Tarong Community Benefit Fund.

    Jenny has been a great leader by sharing her vast experience, passion and by providing effective governance to ensure the best possible outcomes for our South Burnett Community by this dedicated group

    Best wishes Jenny, for a long happy and healthy retirement.

  2. Thank you for writing Jenny’s story so insightfully.

    It was refreshing to hear her reflect on her years of service, and that she saw her contribution through the Tarong Community Partnership Fund as a way that she could contribute her talents to the many community organisations that make the South Burnett a great place to live.

  3. Jenny, my father Stuart Lister was Project Manager for the construction of Tarong Power Station and subsequently Chief of Generation for Queensland. He was passionate about supporting the South Burnett community and worked closely with Cr Reg McCallum to strengthen the relationship with the Power Station.

    Although he passed away in April this year, Stuart would be proud of the great work the Fund has achieved and your key leadership in this role. Congratulations.

    May the Fund continue to improve the lives of people in the South Burnett and I trust you enjoy your well-earned retirement.

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